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Curtis Speaks to Tim Westwood


Curtis called into Westwood’s 1Xtra show yesterday from Amsterdam.

Audio: Curtis Speaks to Tim Westwood

He was even asked about Rick Ross’ baby mama suing him for leaking her sex-tape. Props to Missinfo.

Previously: Curtis is Doing Techno Now (Video)

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7 Responses to “Curtis Speaks to Tim Westwood”

  1. Marsden Olney Fenwick VI Says:

    ACT II is never coming out.

  2. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    i gotta beat up some auxillary box tonight. but first, orange crush kush.

    “i get pussy w/my fathers features, puff heavenly.”(c)nature

  3. Joe Says:

    westwood >>>

  4. Billy Kincaid Says:

    hey nation, you need to fix the link about Rick Ross’ baby mama suing him for leaking the sex tape.

  5. teddy Says:

    this is just another in the many examples of why 50 is so full of shit like the reason ppl dont respect him like they used to is cos of shit like this like he says one thing then does another his not truthful his a grade A fronter so how can u listen to his music when u know what a tosser he is and that his not about shit but frontin and trying to talk down to his audience like his some pythagorus like now its cool for him to do this album after the amount of shit he gave ppl like cudi wayne kanye for doin other shit dif genres now his coming with it and thinking its so original man whats that line in the black eyed peas song your so 2000 and late fuck outta here come up with some original ideas now this shit is just basically biting what everyones doing now jays doin it cudis doin it drake wayne did it kanye akon timbaland and look who is showing up to the party a little late on some out the box shit what happened to your agresive content choices of actual material for the public?

  6. Mag Says:

    you missed the point.

    He was speaking out on niggas riding the kanye & pharrell wave then.

    What he’s doing for this next album is not done in Hip Hop. Yes its more pop just like Curtis was. But when 50 does BISD niggas point out sales and not the content of the music… Drug rap is dead! And I respect him for not bailing out on BISD simply for the sake of saving face infront of low numbers.

    Jay did the same Kingdom Come(pop) American Gangster(Hardcore) BP3(pop)

    So quit your butthurt.

  7. bt Says:

    50 cent is full of fucking SHIT and is easily top 5 dead or alive of the greatest hypocrites in the game. AYO technology was a hit? It was fucking pollution. You didn’t even blend with your own track. Should have made it a Justin single and it still would have sucked. I dont care what kind of numbers the single did. Numbers lie, ears don’t. You should call the new album, “Get a hit or die trying”. The best part is him saying he DOESN’T instigate conflict. Keep lying to yourself, stop lying to the people. I think he actually believes himself.

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