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Danny Brown – The Hybrid (Album)


Debut album from Detroit’s Danny Brown via Rappers I Know Records.

Cover by Syntex. Track list and download link after the jump.

1. “Greatest Rapper Ever” produced by Quelle
2. “Need Another Drink” produced by Mainframe
3. “New Era” produced by Nick Speed
4. “Exotic” produced by Danny! Swain
5. “I’m Out” produced by Chuck Inglish
6. “Re-Up” produced by Quelle
7. “Nowhere 2 Go” produced by Denmark Vessey
8. “Shootin’ Moves” produced by Frank Dukes
9. “The Nana Song” produced by Danny! Swain
10. “Guitar Solo” produced by Quelle
11. “White Stripes” produced by Quelle
12. “Juno” produced by Mosel
13. “Thank God” produced by Mosel
14. “Drinks On Me” produced by Quelle
15. “Generation Rx” produced by 14KT
16. “S.O.S.” produced by Slopfunkdust

Download: Danny Brown – The Hybrid [Bandcamp]

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23 Responses to “Danny Brown – The Hybrid (Album)”

  1. GhostNoises Says:

    a lot of people are gonna sleep on this… damn, it’s dope.

  2. Mikepack Says:

    I downloaded, this is the dude from that eLZhi song ‘contra’ off the leftovers, shit was dope.

  3. cb4gusto Says:

    i cant believe this album this kid is dope best release of 2010 so far

  4. FWMJ Says:

    peace for the post Nation. It’s not really out on RIK Records, just helping him promote it since he doesnt have consistent internet access like that. up for Danny though!

  5. Sincere Says:

    file wont download all the way through for me. hmm…

  6. clarenceD Says:

    Cover art is bad ass.

  7. 1 Says:

    didnt know this would be free
    been waiting on this

  8. oleyeller Says:

    He sounds like Psalm One.

  9. freshfrom82 Says:

    I downloaded, this is the dude from that eLZhi song ‘contra’ off the leftovers, shit was dope.

    ^^^YES INDEED!!

  10. pablo Says:

    Danny Brown is now my favorite rapper!

  11. VH1 Says:

    before i didnt really care for his voice but his patterns and word play fits it PERFECT!…..S.C. WHAT UP!

  12. dagwood Says:

    file this under goofiest covers ever

  13. misterchane Says:

    wow! this is a happy surprise…. i was happily going to be paying for this release…
    having listened to it twice this morning – this man deserves A Smoking Session interview, to be on the Freshman 10 cover of XXL and a pound for working in an Eek the Cat line into his rhymes

  14. Theus Manstar Says:

    Damn Brown
    Your shit is fire!!!
    BIg ups my nig holding it Down for the D

  15. DaMack Says:

    Yo dude kickin some real shit in his rhymes where can i get some of his old shit at….

  16. MeanJoeGreen Says:

    Detroit Stand Up!….this nigga is the truth he the best in detroit handsdown alot of artist out here sounds the same this nigga like a breathe of fresh air!

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  20. peteyb Says:

    too dope fa real

  21. Dart Parker Says:

    SLAMMMMMIN! 2010 Young Zee

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