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Video: Saigon’s Favorite Verse

While in London, Saigon spoke to SoulCultureMedia and told them that “Shok TV” off Warning Shots 1 was one of his favorite verse.

Inspired by… “Life. Like when I seen 9/11 and I see how fast they was, quick to go ‘find Bin Laden’, spend billions of dollars to so-called go to ‘war with terror’, spending all this money… but meanwhile there’s so-called been a war on drugs for years and years and years… but meanwhile there’s tonnes of cocaine sneaking into the country under your nose? It don’t make sense. You’re telling me all this coke and crack that’s wreaking havoc in our communities; y’all don’t know where it’s coming from? …That shit didn’t make sense to me.”

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4 Responses to “Video: Saigon’s Favorite Verse”

  1. STandOut FT Says:

    This is dope get new york city.

  2. STandOut FT Says:

    Saigon is the shit!

  3. Bless Says:

    Holy smoke Saigon. I got chillz listening to that verse and I’m pretty Jaded and I’m African. I’m going to see what Saigon’s albums and mixtapes sound like. Please now that you’re independent. Do it that Saigon way. What do you really have to lose?

  4. Steve Says:

    I 100% agree! Can’t put it anymore eloquently than that Mr. Saigon. Unfortunately it’s that thought process which will most likely prevent him from gaining any mainstream notoriety. Don’t let nothing stop you from trying to reach the masses!! We need Saigon!

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