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Video: Planet Asia & Gold Chain Military – Sadam’s Mansion

Planet Asia & Gold Chain Military’s Chain of Command is in stores now.

Previously: Planet Asia & Gold Chain Military – Gold Chain War

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3 Responses to “Video: Planet Asia & Gold Chain Military – Sadam’s Mansion”

  1. Fresh Huxtable Says:

    Calling it a night fam. props again to PW for bringing something different and relevant.

  2. PW Says:

    Oh, and I see you stay adding that $ sign…lol. Royalty checks are not hitting like that, trust.


    Lol. I was positive that’s how it was.



  3. Fresh Huxtable Says:

    Yea that’s the way to do it. That was circa 2002.

    So is this. usershare.net/8qqn2noozi3d

    That’s as much as im willing to put up tho. lol. Most of it makes me cringe.

    Okay, I’m out for real, but this joint was cool too. Some of the touches you put in the beat did a good job of framing the lyrics. Is this all original composition?

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