Slick Rick – I Wanna Rock Freestyle

Kinda late, but he can do that?

Slick Rick – I Wanna Rock Freestyle

Props: 2DB

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12 Responses to “Slick Rick – I Wanna Rock Freestyle”

  1. b-ease Says:

    Holy shit.

  2. Geen One Says:

    uh huh !

  3. Geen One Says:

    yo for real tho, whats that beat he rhymen on?

  4. Geen One Says:

    this aint even in the late pass catagorey, fuck but naw slick ricks i fuck with so sucks dick , naw for real this shits ill, i just wonder does he use this played out beat on pourpose or does he even look at it that way, i dont think he gives a fuck neither do i, why the fuck im sitten here typin what the fuck im thinkin bout slick ricks decesion on rhymen this fuckin loop of the beginning of it takes two, i use to have that record the single, joy and pain was the b side , jOoOy n Pain rob base rofl, if ton loc ass raped rob base hed shit out cooLio,

  5. Sickamore Says:

    The Ruler is the only pre-1988 rapper whose new music would be relevant today

  6. kedordu Says:

    the greatest flow of all time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get em unk !!

  7. RLW Says:


  8. Cornel Best Says:


  9. drdr Says:

    slick rick should put out an album… he still hasnt lost it in my opinion.

  10. dipset weed carrier Says:

    if this nigga dropped an album i would buy it.
    i dont buy music.

  11. alwayzambitious Says:

    Straight fucking fire man. Up there with big in my opinion. relevant and dope – still

  12. SPATE Magazine Says:

    Rick still got it man, that was ill

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