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LuGuz ft. Tom Gist & A.P. – Never Had A Dream?


Here’s a song from up-and-coming rapper LuGuz, featuring Tom Gist and A.P., off his project The Colonic that will be dropping some time this month, accompanied with two more records that will be on there too.

LuGuz feat. Tom Gist & A.P. – Never Had A Dream? (prod. DJ Klapton)

LuGuz feat. T.Ru – Don’t Ever Go (prod. The Connectz)

LuGuz feat. T.Ru – February (prod. Scrunchface Music)

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8 Responses to “LuGuz ft. Tom Gist & A.P. – Never Had A Dream?”

  1. Cashmere Cavalli aka Debonair Cavalier Says:

    AYO x 1,00000000000 @ the title

  2. Bricktop Says:

    Maybe every track is the shit? Literally?

  3. PW Says:

    Or every track is shitty?

  4. therealsharpy Says:


    where’s klashnekoff? where’s the current UK numba 1 artist Tinie Tempah? where’s Konvict Muzick artist Sway? where’s Roll Deep? where’s Wiley? where’s Dizzee Rascal? where’s Plan B? where’s Skepta? where’s Shystie? where’s Mz Brattz? where’s Kano? where’s Wretch 32? where’s Chipmunk? where’s Ghettz? where’s Smasher? where’s Bigz? where’s Tinchy Stryder?
    where’s Trim? where’s Terror Firma? where’s Boy Better Know?

    on a INTRNATIONAL level NahRight.com gets a #FAIL

    if eskay, dre & nation (NahRight) are NEVER gonna post UK then just say so

  5. TruthSeruM Says:

    Way to go LuGuz! I had the displeasure of hearing one of your songs on one of the lesser known blogs out there. I think it was some new years song….after bout hmmm maybe 45 sec into it I xed out of the link because I thought your music was pretty garbage. I don’t like you or you’re music, I know you’re like CNN’s lil’ fat homie or sumthin and I like CNN, War Report is sum CLASSIC ish, but back to you buddy and you’re knack for wack rappin’…..I just honestly whole-heartedly strongly dislike it. However I must congratulate you on the post, I see you all over kid, the net must love you, b. Keep it up, you and that Toxic Avenger looking ass Consequence yall sum lucky ass nuckaz mayne. A toast to LuGuz the Fat Bastard Of HipHop! Hooray!!!!!

  6. StandOut FT Says:

    Official 4 sure!

  7. johnny Says:

    where’s my UK SHIT, ridin on the on my UK shit, UK gravy for UK chips lol

  8. SAyer2 Says:

    These joints are pretty dope, i was sleeping on this dude

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