Video: Sean Price’s Baby Shower

Sean unwraps some gifts and then raps for the crowd. The last video missed a part of him clearing the air after a Figure Four false start:

every time I do that like, Dru is like “I fucking hate that line” … alright lemme set the record straight… I’m Duck Down for life

*dead* at General Steele getting his daughter someĀ  Decepticon socks.

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16 Responses to “Video: Sean Price’s Baby Shower”

  1. killa_kal Says:

    i never comment on here, but been following nahright from the beginning. how come eskay rarely posts anymore?????? nahright ain’t the same. where’s the one of a kind pictures he used to post??

  2. Jerry Heller's Accountant Says:

    Sean Price is the best rapper in 2010. The only rapper that really matters to me…

    “I dont Wale in them new niggas”

  3. Says:


  4. qqq Says:

    sean price is the most boring rapper on earth.

    might as well call him crooked buddens.

  5. CHILE ! Says:

    sean carter is nice??? nah sean price is the best!

  6. qqq Says:

    sean, i know you will eventually read this because you only exist in the blog rap world and no one actually knows who you are, so i want you to know your music sucks ass and you don’t matter at all.

    my name is dion, i live in toronto, my number is 416-540-4432.

    i live on king street. come do something about it. i dare you.

    you fat piece of shit.

  7. Mixtape Torrent Says:

    Sean Price is what it should be to be an older rapper, he like the older crazy uncle rapper. Like we could do without a lot of older rappers in the game, but this dude needs to stay making albums as long as he feels like it.

  8. MK47 Says:

    Damn, people are aggy in Toronto. Out here in Vancouver we love Sean P. Sorry you don’t understand real rap, you’re probably a teenager and missed most of the 90s.

  9. Belize Says:

    P right now > Hova right now

    :::looks for Vol 1:::

  10. qqq Says:

    i’m 27.

  11. sean p 4real Says:

    wassup fred!!!!

  12. StandOut FT Says:

    P is destined for greatness,

  13. qqq Says:

    p is destined to lick my nuts.

  14. dtownknight Says:

    Sean P is one of the last rappers filling the holes in this weak ass rap game.

  15. Real 2 Reel Says:


  16. shotta p Says:

    ayo pusssssssssssy named qqq where on king streeet. finch strip allday pussywhole imma holla at ur number real soooon, talking greazy about kimbo price, hope u know theres d-ceptz in toronto too. fuckin fish

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