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Video: How To Make It In America’s Hustle Stories w/ Kid Cudi

Over the weekend, HBO put up this video of Kid Cudi talking about how he landed the role on the show and how his relates to the premise of “How To Make it In America.”

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7 Responses to “Video: How To Make It In America’s Hustle Stories w/ Kid Cudi”

  1. Cashmere Cavalli aka Debonair Cavalier Says:

    Cudi’s character is useless 4 episodes into the season

  2. anonymous Says:

    being useless is definitley a good way to make it in America tho

  3. nestle snipes Says:

    Cudi might not have the rapping career that everyone expected. Because Wale and Drake are taking over.

    But he’s a very good actor. If I might add. I enjoy this show so much.

    Keep up the good work Cudi.

  4. Mixtape Torrent Says:

    He decent in this show in his small parts, he’s not horrible it’s a good role for him to expand on his talent. He did get lucky with this shit because he fits in the cast well.

  5. A Kid Named B Says:

    I just stumbled on the knowlegde that this show is produced by Marky Mark… First Entourage, now NTMIIA? Certifiable dope. Wahlberg is killing the reality series.

  6. real talk Says:

    I’m I the only one seeing this! Lets play a game. Name two major hit shows that exploit hip hop culture but doesn’t have ONE lead actor? If you really look at both shows (Entourage and How to make it) the whole f@#$ing shore is hip hop! So now they bring on Kid Cudi to support their actors. Kid is nothing but a clown on this show. Stop milking our culture!!!!!!

    Im just saying…give us our own damn shows!!!!

  7. Nah Right » Video: How To Make It In America ep. 5 Says:

    […] Kid Cudi’s Hustle Stories (Video) | Episode 4 […]

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