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Video: Creative Control Interview w/ FSD

Andrew had the chance to speak to Coodie and Chike of Creative Control while at Damon Dash’s DD172 Complex in NYC.

A little bit of history: Coodie (the Chicago native) used to follow Kanye West around wherever he went, and after meeting Chike (who hailed from New Orleans and worked at MTV at the time,) they got together and directed Kanye’s “Through The Wire” video in 2003, which was edited and created after hours at the MTV studios.

They discuss the future of Creative Control as well as working with Dame.

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4 Responses to “Video: Creative Control Interview w/ FSD”

  1. Cashmere Cavalli aka Debonair Cavalier Says:

    so is wayne still gonna be a blood in jail

  2. LaneKiffin*CainSniffin*LaneSwitchin* Says:

    Cashmere Cavalli aka Debonair Cavalier Says:

    Delonte West!? thats you?

    2 guns up.

  3. Harlem World Says:

    Damn Weezy, at least cut your hair before you go Rikers…some niggas there aint never gonna see pussy again…wayne = lauren london to them (no homo just in case)

  4. Foxx’s Daily Dose: R.I.P. Willie Davis & Damn Earl! « a2ndtake Says:

    […] keep beating the drum till you guys get it. Creative Control…Coodie and Chike…Creative Control…Coodie and Chike. Get familiar with that website and those two guys. […]

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