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Video: T-Pain presents Freanik: The Musical

T-Pain’s animated homage to the Atlanta Spring Break fiesta Freaknik, which at one point attracted more than 250,000 people, until it was shut down in the late 90s.

The one-hour special took two years to create, and features T-Pain as a party ghost, Lil Wayne as Jesus, Snoop Dogg, Keri Hilson, Kelis, Big Boi, Rick Ross, George Clinton & Bootsy Collins. Saturday Night Live comedians Andy Samberg and Bill Hader round out the bill.

‘Freaknik’ focuses on a group of students hoping to revive the party.

Shouts to Tha Bizness for producing almost every song in this.

Parts 2 & 3 after the jump.

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10 Responses to “Video: T-Pain presents Freanik: The Musical

  1. k1ng Says:

    that guy game is name dropping even when his not rapping and just speaking normal damn.

  2. web Says:

    prince ass niggas always showin they ass for nothin

  3. PW Says:

    I like seeing rappers mixing it up and doing other creative things.

  4. abstractgod Says:

    obama was on the cover of boule magazine: http://www.sigma-pi-phi.net/home/volume-72-number-4-winter-2008.php this cartoon is pretty inaccurate….

  5. STandOut FT Says:

    Dsmn I wish I could have experience one of them joint I heard and seen how crazy it was.

  6. omari Says:

    I saw this earlier, shit was mad funny. I like Rick Ross character, and that song is pretty dope.

  7. StandOut FT Says:

    Yo that cartoon is dope kind of over the top but dope cant wait til the next one if there will be one?

  8. Jarreau Says:

    Eskay this doesnt seem like your cup of tea. I mean I come to expect this type of work from T-Pain or Rick Ross but disappointing to see Big Boi and Cee-Lo involved in such blatant buffoonery. I’m just gonna assume you haven’t even watched this yet. Your comment section usually seems a bit more sophisticated than this as well so maybe I’m the one who’s out of the loop.

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