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Video: Jim Jones – Nissan, Honda, Chevy (Behind The Scenes)

Jimmy shot a quick video for his verse on “Nissan, Honda, Chevy.”

After the jump, NYPD asks for permits for a scene on the street.

Nah nah, we just taking pictures

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27 Responses to “Video: Jim Jones – Nissan, Honda, Chevy (Behind The Scenes)”

  1. steven biko Says:



    god damn when the fuck is joell gonna get his fat ass on that shit. that dude is my ninja!!!!!


  3. qqq Says:

    jim jones steals another song.

    ..and this one was just a verse off a remix of a freestyle.

    what a bitch.

  4. beantownbeaner11 Says:

    What a balla ass Ford Taurus there Jim.

  5. Danbury Says:

    Snoop Dogg is impossible to dislike [||]. Unless you’re a radical feminist.

  6. Danbury Says:

    Snoop Dogg reading the phone book >>> 70% of the rap records out there

  7. Danbury Says:

    Only having Hot Pockets to eat <<<


    # Danbury Says:
    March 8th, 2010 at 11:50 pm

    Only having Hot Pockets to eat <<<

    Damn Bro…. you gotta get you Ramen/Pop tart/EBT card carrying bitch game up…. you will never go hungry LoL

  9. Big C Says:

    What shoes is Jim Jones wearing?

  10. NovemberEnd Says:

    you know…you done fucked up right

  11. Digital Scales Says:

    Daps all around

  12. 40 Inc Says:

    Boy: Hey God What is a penny in heaven?

    God: a penny is a million dollars up here in heaven

    Boy: Hey god whats a second in heaven?

    God: a second here is a million years on earth

    Boy: Hey God can I have a penny

    God: Sure JUST A SEC


  13. African Jizzle Says:

    ^ ?>

  14. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Red, yellow, green,white coloured sunglasses are mad gay. Put that on record. Mad gay.

  15. Cois Says:

    jim stay stealing songs……. step it up jimmy.

  16. STandOut FT Says:

    Ahh shit the city is back!

  17. S.S.BlockBurner Says:

    Red, yellow, green,white coloured sunglasses are mad gay. Put that on record. Mad gay.

    every time I see niggas wearing them shits it’s like an automatic confromation. keep it movin fuck niggas..

    *has loud pack in pocket @ high volume*

    funny colored frame rockin fuck nigga asks “know where I can get some trees?”

    *replies “No” like I owe no explanation & keeps it movin*

  18. 911 Says:

    All aboard, last train to Paris, wheels look like a ferris ya’ jeweler should be embarassed…I took a poem and read it just like a tarot…

    I mean…

  19. 911 Says:

    Shoutout to Ben roeth, the ultimate perv.

  20. Mag Says:

    Bad look for jimmy…

  21. Mag Says:

    Nigga went from cutting deal with Sony to Stealing songs that his own boy is on.

    Could he not wait for a remix?!

  22. 911 Says:

    Fat Joe > Jim jones
    #fact 34971352
    daps billz.

    Ross is all types of retard on that angels remix, if it wasn’t for whatever diddy is doing that track would be flawless.

  23. Digital Scales Says:

    If Eng Rep had it his way he would of had Biggie smalls breast feeding him as a baby

  24. 911 Says:

    That drake track was underwhelming and I actually enjoyed the T.I track.

    The hook on the drake song is really bad or maybe it’s soooooo good that I can’t fathom it’s greatness. A different hook, with the rest intact would prolly garner a better reception.

    T.I sent a few shots at some fellow a-towners, lol, some things never change.

  25. steven biko Says:

    TI song is aight at best. drake shit is growing on me (p) TI is a ratta. how wayne got 18 months for a unloaded gun and TI gets the same for mad weapons and silencers? Please dont say federal is different unless you know the guidelines for weapons. Especially when you have drugs with the weapons (he had a pound of weed with him)

  26. Super Tone Says:

    big surprise…more weak shit from Jimmy…can somebody line him up wit Whacka Flocka and OJ the Juiceman’s ass and give hip hop a break..damn…wheres a book of spells when you need it…time to bring BIG back…

  27. JMOSSED Says:


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