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Video: Fred The Godson – I Am (prod. Clark Kent)

More top-notch hand acting.

Off Fred’s Big Bronx mixtape. Directed by Mills Miller.

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14 Responses to “Video: Fred The Godson – I Am (prod. Clark Kent)”

  1. Jamal X Says:

    I’m never one to say anything negative about an artist or his/her work, so please don’t file this under “extreme hater”…thing is…

    When I watch/listen to Fred the Godson rap, I get this second-hand-embarrassment feeling in my stomach. It’s like, I’ve heard rappers that are much worse that don’t give me that sick feeling…

    I’m talking physical symptoms brought on by someone’s music. It’s that bad.

    I really hope this guy doesn’t get any more press….maaan, what has hip-hop come to?

    Officially my pick for the worst rapper of 2010.

  2. StandOut FT Says:

    This dude is a problem remember I told u.

  3. B!Z Says:

    whenever i see this nigga standin is when i’ll watch/ listen to his material.

  4. B!Z Says:

    whenever i see this nigga standin is when i’ll watch/ listen to his material.

  5. - keka - Says:

    the hand actings killing me… ha,

    ..dude aint bad tho…
    *(just not too interesting … at all)

  6. Belize Says:


  7. Fuck u haterz Says:

    Fuck u haterz…. This shit is the hottest thing put out all year.. Maybe if yall learn to listen and start understanding what u hear.

  8. Durge Mugsly Says:

    wow, yall are strange? How can yall let a corn like kid cudi live but kill this dude. This song is actually dope!

  9. BKThoroughbred Says:

    Keep ’em coming, Fred. This kid may save NY.

  10. Izz Oh'dee Baybeh Says:

    lol… i really dont think thats him spittin… its a decent track, be he looks like a supreme doofus.

  11. The general Says:

    This kid is a breath of fresh air. From the bx. He is wat rap has been missin. Good luck.

  12. jl Says:

    Fred is alright I thought big bronx was an ok mixtape too. But i had to laugh at BKThoroughbred’s comment that he might save NY. Yeah right lets be real fred will always stay a mixtape rapper and will never come close to saving ny.

  13. elgindotcom Says:

    best actual “song” i heard on a mixtape in a very long time.. not sure how anyone can really not appreciate it.. “memory card flow, im saving the game”

  14. daDUB Says:


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