Video: Charles Hamilton – The Binge Vol. 3 (Mixtape Trailer)

Charles Hamilton’s last mixtape. Drops next week.

Previously: Charles Hamilton – Wrist Music

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7 Responses to “Video: Charles Hamilton – The Binge Vol. 3 (Mixtape Trailer)”

  1. Brandon Carter Says:

    Dude is nice. even it you aint a “FAN” but you cant say that dude aint nice. he be spitting

  2. Just X Says:

    On the real his flow is nice and all but I really like his production. The way he samples really makes his mixtapes(albums) have a smooth feel to them. It seems that you can tune in and tune out throughout the whole joint.

  3. Lih ( No Chinese ) Says:

    Dude can spit, no doubt.

  4. One20 Productions Says:

    Last mixtape?

  5. TroNic Says:

    what happened to that guy charles hamilton?

  6. Binh Says:

    Last mixtape = Jay-Z’s retirement.

  7. Wallabee Champ Says:


    That guy Charles Hamilton got punched in the face by a girl when he was battle rhyming against her. Probably shouldn’t have said she had an abortion cuz of him….

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