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Video: B.o.B Interview w/ DJ Skee Pt. 2

B.o.B talks about his style, his debut album (Adventures of Bobby Ray; April 27th) and his real age vs. his industry age.

I didn’t realize he was born the week after me in November 1988, wow.

Previously: Part 1 (What B.o.B stands for, meeting Eminem, working with T.I.)

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5 Responses to “Video: B.o.B Interview w/ DJ Skee Pt. 2”

  1. Cedric Says:

    35K 1st week numbers max!

  2. Yung Hopp Says:

    Good thing numbers don’t make a Rapper.

  3. koa29 Says:

    Nah..i see bob catching on with this track..he’ll sell 100k+, which honestly isnt bad for a new rapper. Cudi sold 120k i think.

  4. NC Rob Says:

    every time i get ready to look at a video of skee it looks like he has a mohawk with watevet that is behind his head

  5. STandOut FT Says:

    Bobby RaaY!

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