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Video: DMX in the Studio w/ Dame Grease


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27 Responses to “Video: DMX in the Studio w/ Dame Grease”

  1. david blackham Says:

    arf arf!

  2. SkeeterPan Says:

    Earl >>>>

  3. William M. Holla Says:

    I hate this dude so much. Speak English you fucking idiot.

  4. dj2776 Says:

    If you wanted to do an interview with X, I swear you’d need to play an instrumental. He’s mad hard to understand unless he’s rhyming.

  5. Geen One Says:

    ths vid had me at go hard

  6. rdawodu Says:

    It saddens me to see DMX this way

  7. APES IN SPACE Says:


  8. nutty Says:

    jerseys…? what is this, 2003?

  9. Brandon Says:

    Damn, you really can’t understand a word that niggaz says lol. Good to see him back in the Studio though…

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  11. Memeezy Says:

    i thought he hated phoenix lols

  12. THE TRUTH Says:

    What happened to X? Can he utter a coherent sentence????

  13. PW Says:

    What happened to X? Can he utter a coherent sentence????
    Cocaine is a helluva drug. (c) Rick James

  14. PW Says:

    This shit actually wasn’t that bad…Ive heard him worse than that.

  15. Cal Says:

    Man what the fuck happened to dude? He sounded mad coherent on those prison videos he did in those pink garbs. I think its situational, if he’s in his comfort zone he gets all psycho babble, if not he speaks slower or just stabs you!

  16. AKidNamedB Says:

    This is your brain.

    This is your brain on drugs.

    This is DMX on crack,

    Total difference.

    We know what happened, we saw his life story on BET. He’s basically the black Brittany Spears.

  17. moresickaMC Says:

    leave X alone f*ggots

  18. mattVISTA Says:

    lmfao…this guy is hilarious

  19. spirit equality Says:

    all i know i x + dame grease = fire

    i expect them to come with some bangers

    all the rest of this gossip is non-cipher

  20. spirit equality Says:

    is > i

    typos suck

  21. Curt McGirt Says:


  22. west Says:

    yall bird ass niggaz feed off that fake shit… x is real done deal.. but ye the drugs got to him, sad to see it…

  23. andoi Says:

    Sad and funny at the same time…

  24. b Says:

    I wanna fuck that girl in the gray pants.

  25. Sincere Says:

    dmx growling in the corner with headphones on…. priceless.

  26. Shyt break (aka) let1loose Says:

    As long as he doesn’t start chasing cars or biting the mailman and tires hangin from trees leave X alone and look out for the Dmx and flavor flav new reality show entitled (cracks in the road to a hip hop startdom)….

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