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Video: Cory & Peter Gunz Freestyle

Cory and his pops go in live.

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10 Responses to “Video: Cory & Peter Gunz Freestyle”

  1. thefatkidthatlovescake Says:

    thats dope…
    the 16s dont fall far from the tree…

    now thats hip hop

  2. 40 Inc Says:

    when are we as hip hop gonna stop using women as props in videos?

  3. GH Says:

    Damn Peter sounds better in 2010 than he did in he 90’s

  4. shamon from bx soundview Says:

    That was fire and really cool can’t wait to see what he drop at young money which he should have been signed too after he ether Wayne on a millie remix. .

  5. harosa Says:

    Great show, awesome seeing both Gunz do their thing.

  6. G-Roc Says:

    Yeah, that was dope.

  7. spirit equality Says:

    you can tell the difference in veteran status: peter gunz mic clarity is >>> cory’s, but his son is coming up fast though…

  8. spirit equality Says:

    they should do a “like father, like son” album tho, on the real

  9. loop' Says:

    this is meaningful.. nice to see this

  10. ChoyceIsUrs Says:

    Cory Gunz Is with Young Money Good Look 4 him… Update yal shit

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