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Video: Murs & 9th Wonder – The Problem Is (Behind The Scenes)

On the set of their first video from Fornever, in stores March 30th.

Download: Murs feat. Sick Jacken (Psycho Realm) & Uncle Chucc – The Problem Is (prod. 9th Wonder)

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24 Responses to “Video: Murs & 9th Wonder – The Problem Is (Behind The Scenes)”

  1. Fresh Huxtable Says:

    The problem is that I can only drive droptops (c) Murs

  2. Deen Says:




  3. Remixznflow Says:

    LMAO @ that Baylor University chick punching that Texas Tech chick’s nose off …

    womens basketball FTW

    c’mon son.. link…

  4. landlord Says:

    sick jacken says

    where’s will smith with that cure?…

  5. SeniorCivilian Says:

    Yo DBlock you still there? (none)

  6. Delgado Says:

    Did he consciously get his hair dreaded like that? Shit is weird.

  7. b-ease Says:

    Michael Rapaport’s ATCQ Documentary “Beats Rhymes & Life: The Travels Of A Tribe Called Quest” Gets A Website

    This flick’s been in the making for a hot minute, I have high expectations considering the subject and the director.

  8. b-ease Says:

    3:16 and Murray’s Revenge >>>>

    Two of the most highly slept on LP’s of the ’00s.

  9. landlord Says:


    LOL @ the busted nose


  10. Fresh Huxtable Says:

    0 mins ago
    3:16 and Murray’s Revenge >>>>

    Two of the most highly slept on LP’s of the ’00s.
    true, I own 3:16 but not the other

  11. Wesley Pipes @ Blackpipelayers.com Says:

    LMAO @ that Baylor University chick punching that Texas Tech chick’s nose off …

    lol saw that. That bitch is built like Tayshaun Prince wit a wig on, but why she throw that long hook at her?? kinda weak. If you gonna risk gettin suspended the whole season then at least throw that haymaker and knock some teeth out. You know, just str8 Ambalamps dat hoe


  12. Remixznflow Says:

    3:16 and Murray’s Revenge >>>>

    very slept on… murs has bars…

  13. landlord Says:

    that Baylor chick is supposed to be the best freshman in the country .. she dunks regularly and is 6’8…

  14. Troyvul Says:

    All NBA Goon Team ( On and off the court)

    Ron Artest
    Stephen Jackson
    Tim Hardaway
    Charles oakley
    Anthony Mason

  15. Fresh Huxtable Says:

    If this is the first time you heard of Britney Griner, you lost. She’s like a grown woman playing against little kids, dunking nasty. And on people, too, not that breakaway fast break one hand barely dunking stuff. She can boom on some chicks, YouTube it

  16. landlord Says:

    What transformed Griner into a mini-celebrity in high school were YouTube videos of her numerous dunks. The clips showcased Griner’s size 17 sneakers, 88-inch wingspan and surprising coordination, drawing millions of viewers including curious reporters, coaches and even Shaquille O’Neal.

    “Brittney just brings something to the game that, honestly, I don’t think we’ve seen,” HoopGurlz analyst Mark Lewis told the Houston Chronicle in 2009. “You can go back and look at a Candace Parker or go even further back and look at a Cheryl Miller. They changed the game, but there’s been another Cheryl Miller. I think Brittney Griner may come and go without there being another Brittney Griner for a long time.”

    The incident will overshadow what has been an outstanding freshman year. Griner has lived up to the hype, leading Baylor to a 22-7 record and a top-15 ranking. In a below-the-rim sport often derided as dull compared to the men’s game, Griner had established herself as the rare above-the-rim player, averaging 19 points and 9 rebounds as a freshman and dunking effortlessly several times.

    oh shit…


  17. Remixznflow Says:


    DAMN!!!! she did take girls nose to the left….

    shoulda gone ahead and kept swinging though.. her season is over…

  18. Brooklyn Strong aka The Elder Says:

    That dude that got beat up by Epic Beard Man should copyright Amber Lamps Man. Thats what he’ll be known as for the rest of his life.

  19. GWL14 Says:

    Brittney Griner isn’t even human! Na’vi aren’t supposed to be on our planet!

  20. landlord Says:

    Fresh Huxtable Says:

    March 4th, 2010 at 4:22 pm
    If this is the first time you heard of Britney Griner, you lost.


    im sayin tho… i never heard her name before last night…

    LOL… she look like Joaqin Noah and Tayshaun Prince had a daughter together

  21. Remixznflow Says:

    LOL and the ALL cleared out when she hit her too… no one wanted to step to that amazon until the refs stepped in…

  22. tone loc Says:

    arggg .. anyone with a 5D Mark II is a director now .. this video is gonna blow for sure!

  23. why_am_i_so_fly Says:

    i fell in love with murs after hearing 3:16
    bought it and bought murrays revenge
    hes the only artist i buy albums of without downloading/hearing it first
    never disapoints

    well murs for president wasn’t the greatest but it had gems
    can’t wait for this album to drop

  24. LAkill Says:

    Tone Loc:
    That’s Estevan Oriol, dumbfuck. Do your homework.

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