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Maino – Trina, Kim Or Nicki


He’s biased.

Maino – Trina, Kim Or Nicki | Mediafire

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12 Responses to “Maino – Trina, Kim Or Nicki”

  1. AFGun Says:


  2. ak Says:

    HA goodshit maino.

  3. Mr.Londoner Says:

    lulz @ that smile..

    he smashed.

  4. A Chick Says:

    He sound like Nicki Minaj on this lol

  5. BrokenEmpires Says:

    Trina, Kim or Nicki >>>>> (Cuz it’s controversial)
    Nissan, Honda, Chevy >>>>> (Cuz he speaks for the streets)
    Beamer, Benz Or Bentley >>> (Because it marks the comeback of NY)
    Cassidy – Gucci, Loui, Fendi f. Jag (this shit is ass, sorry) I like Cassidy too, he a good kid. but he fell off hard. Last time i heard him on some hot shit was that Cocaine City with French. But that was from 2007 i think. anyways, keep the remixes coming, I like burn a cd full of the same songs ahahaha i got the a millie mixtape and the i wanna rock mixtape hecka mixtapes like that hahah.

  6. MK47 Says:

    Kim hasn’t looked like a human being in more than two years. Might as well fuck one of the cat bitches from Avatar. Why not Trina, Foxy, or Nicki?

  7. Stiletto_Ninja Says:

    this has gotta stop -________-

  8. AFGunz Says:

    tru kim does look fukd but compared to foxy that bitch a dyme

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  10. Murds Says:

    fox or trina>>>kim or nicki

    its too bad kim used to be pretty slammin

    nicki was never good looking

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