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Video: Wale Interview w/ One Neck, Two Chains

They talk old school wrestling, local DC artists as well as Bape/Supreme.

We got a chance to catch up with Interscope/Allido’s Wale in Austin to talk for a few on a couple of topics. Mr. Folarin starts by revealing his favorite old-school wrestlers and his favorite moves, then goes on to speak about a couple up-and-coming DC artists that he is currently working with, Fat Trel & Black Cobain. Before he leaves, we ask him a question that we talked to him about weeks prior and to our surprise he not only remembered it, but corrected us on the question!

Props to one neck, two chains

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6 Responses to “Video: Wale Interview w/ One Neck, Two Chains”

  1. Jerry Heller's Accountant Says:

    So you choose Bape over Supreme because of customer service??????……..bitchassness @ its finest….im done with Wale. Supreme is a zillion times better than Bape and he knows it…that’s why he rocks Supreme every chance he gets and everytime you see him. He’s just salty because he went to Supreme and they wasnt all over him like that just because he rocked their shit on URB cover. Listen to his song “The Hype” on “Mixtape About Nothin” where he’s bitchin about the incident. Supreme is a heavyweight in Soho been around since the 90’s…celebrities come in and out that store…why the fuck would they jock a no name internet rapper/hypebeast….GTFOH!!!This kid’s ego is phenomenal, cockier than Mr.West with half the talent. BTW Supreme doesnt jock any customers, they dont have to….and actually i appreciate that shit…nothing is worse than a fuckin sales associate stalking the shit out of u “may i help you” every 10 fuckin minutes. I go to supreme and try on every hat and jacket without a peep….THANK YOU SUPREME for lettin me cop the ill shit in peace. And the Spring drop is March 3rd I’ll be in that bitch. Wale go fuck yourself…in your Bape hoodie.

  2. Wow Says:

    Well said Heller! I guess Whale was hoping they’d throw him some free gear b/c of the Urb cover. Funny thing is, the dudes in there are always cordial to me. Whale is a comedian.

  3. Ian Says:

    Whats the name of the song on the intro?

  4. wantitornot Says:

    Soo Wale preference is Bape, which he wears a whole lot more than supreme… sooooo!.. And beasting would be the other way around. Just because u kno supreme is beasted for doesnt mean he likes it as much as you hypebeast that beast for the hype.. I hate how no ppl cant even like what they want anymore.. And yes Supreme does try and style on you while your in there… If he likes the customer service more at one place over another thats wrong.. U dudes amaze me.. Go beast for a supreme and get off it..

  5. shindler Says:





  6. Nah Right » Wale feat. Fat Trel & Black Cobain - Who Don’t Says:

    […] to make him a song to warm up to before a football/basketball game and this is what Wale and his DC homies came up […]

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