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XV – 30 Minute Layover (Mixtape)


Prelude to the Kansas MC’s forthcoming Vizzy Zone.

Previously: XV x DJ Enuff x DJ Benzi – Everybody’s Nobody (Mixtape)

Download/tracklist after the jump.

1. Intro
2. Warmup Freestyle
3. Top Of The World
4. Championship
5. Nothing On You
6. X.plosi.V.e
7. Lift The Game
8. I’m V!zZy
9. One Thing
10. This Plane
11. Friendly Skies (Outro)

Download: XV – 30 Minute Layover (Mixtape)


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10 Responses to “XV – 30 Minute Layover (Mixtape)”

  1. k1ng Says:

    Sleep reps the republic of Brooklyn Says:

    February 27th, 2010 at 11:59 am
    That killer mike go hard. I thought game was gonna go a whole verse without mentioning a rapper then he said B.G


    he mentions Jigga and dre as well.

  2. 911 Says:

    An elitist or Illuminist view would simply say that those who are awake have no responsibility for those who are asleep.

  3. 911 Says:

    Oh yeah, another earthquake 8.8 on the richter…

  4. PW Says:

    Babu’s Beat tape is out. I feel another mixtape coming on.

  5. AFGunz Says:

    somebody mind tellin fab that its the end of the week..

  6. k1ng Says:

    cudi’s a fag, them skinny jeans don’t lie (II).

  7. Tyson Says:

    Kansas does not fuck with XV. At all. Shoutouts to Tech N9ne.

  8. go4word Says:

    vizzy nice as fuck and im a mc from his hometown fuck tech 9 that shit lame as racisim A-SO fuckin wit u don! Do ur thing bro

  9. Fuck you tyson Says:

    Fuck you Tyson tech n9ne is from Missouri

  10. BrokenEmpires Says:

    yo 911, drop some real knowledge on them if you have any.
    stop posting 7 word comments.

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