Video: Folk & Stress Interview w/ iHipHop

Brothers Folk & Stress spoke to iHipHop this week.

This was definitely one of the most fun interviews I have ever done. It was also the only interview that I’ve ever gone to where the rappers just wanted to…rap. So we burned a couple down, and I let the camera roll as Stress went the f*ck in at Folk’s Williamsburg apartment. There was also some very interesting dialogue. Namely that Folk & Stress were discovered by recently convicted former NBA star Jayson Williams. They recant being whisked away to Aspen and studio sessions at Jay-Z’s spot. How “scenesters” are ruining hip-hop and their influences consisting of Charles Manson, Kurt Vonnegut & Glen Beck were also touched on. F&S also declare that they are “your favorite rapper’s, least favorite rapper”, and how their life is not “a movie”

Hit the jump for the rest of the interview. They got a show tomorrow night at Santos with DJ Babu, Fashawn & Cory Gunz.

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12 Responses to “Video: Folk & Stress Interview w/ iHipHop”

  1. hl Says:

    Why do white rappers rhyme with that annoying sound in their voice. I can’t explain it.

  2. A-2-Da-D Says:

    “Over bout to drop says OvO

    Shit better be sick Drizzy, music needs to match the hype”

    WHos OvO?????//

  3. top ramen shotta Says:

    so wait, these guys are ranting about who ruined hip hop? oh the irony.

  4. clevezirm Says:

    I have trouble listening to dudes that just rap about conspiracy theories on every song, which is sounds like these guys do. They just come off like they hate life. Dudes flow was dope but the subject material to me is just depressing, not really trying to hear all that. That’s why I can’t listen to Immortal Technique…talented dude but alll he raps about are these crazy conspiracy theories that he probably read on some random website on the internet. Can’t do it.

  5. burnt reynolds Says:

    if rap sucks then quit. asher roth

  6. C-More Cake Says:

    Oh so cause a white dude spits about conspiracy theories its whack but when Jay Electronica spits conspiracy theories, he’s the next coming of christ. Great point.

  7. Jerry Heller's Accountant Says:

    nah nah these dudes are the truth….believe me. They got it…im surprised they arent bigger…..i remember them from a couple years back

  8. jack in the box Says:

    cleverizm, conspiracy theories? “fuck banks”, “turn off your radio” isn’t exactly eloquent, but nothing conspiratory about that shit,

  9. Quinn Essential Says:

    Why do white rappers sound the way they do?

    It’s more nasal, their voices. Could it be because typically whites have smaller

    noses, thereby effecting the tone of their voice?

    Or is a cultural thing. Do white people just learn to speak in a different tone?

    I’m sure someone has attempted to study this for their thesis at their University.

    If they haven’t, they should! For one of those Rap 101 classes they teach in

    school now. So they can have a Masters in Hip Hop.

    Talk about a useless degree…

  10. clarenceD Says:

    “Oh so cause a white dude spits about conspiracy theories its whack but when Jay Electronica spits conspiracy theories, he’s the next coming of christ. Great point.”


  11. peacedog Says:

    Quinn Essential_

    You are probably a white rapper haha

  12. Durge Mugsly Says:

    its like they add an unnecessary “D” sound to words that have “T”‘s in them.

    Like, instead of “whatever” they say it like “Whadever” lol, just rap like you talk

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