Video: DJ Premier Interview w/ Sean C & LV

Premo talks sampling on the production duo’s Grind Music Radio.

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6 Responses to “Video: DJ Premier Interview w/ Sean C & LV”

  1. StandOut FT Says:

    Dope post Defintley one the best producers ever. Still raw to this day never comprimised his style of beat nuff respect.

  2. Aggy ShuttlezWorf Says:

    @StandOut FT

    He made a bunch of pop records for christina aguilera, I think he comprimised a lil bit

  3. Jay Says:

    @StandOut FT What up F.T. This Jesus lil bro! What’s poppin?

  4. Indy Says:

    I busted out laughing when Primo said, “HeH… YeEaAHHH!!!”

  5. peter griffin Says:

    his wayne imitation was on point.

    preemo did a GREAT job on these aguilera beats, dont front.

    nevertheless, his production has changed a bit: i heard he isnt using a SP 1200 anymore, and he started to use synthesizers and claps! (which you can hear on blaq poet’s last release!)

    he still got the raw dj premier trademark, so it’s all good, though!

    shouts from germany

  6. alwayzambitious Says:

    why the hell is this clip so short…… what u dont know from this clip is that he said he was working with kanye for kanyes next album… gotta tune in i guess..

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