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Video: Johnny Polygon – The Riot Song

Off Johnny Polygon’s mixtape with DJ Green Lantern & Karmaloop, Rebel Without Applause, out now.

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13 Responses to “Video: Johnny Polygon – The Riot Song”

  1. Barbecue Tee Says:

    *moonwalks into nah old and grey*
    *daps all*

    looks like a slow day on nah. I’ve been MIA, I know.

  2. benhameen Says:

    Is the beefing still going on? Congrats to eskay nation and dre. No hate here. Now stop by my site and click some ads. (c) eskay circa 2006

  3. Beezy Says:

    land only orders 11 donuts now

  4. cOLD Says:

    Never underestimate the other guy’s greed.
    ^true gem

    ^ greed is a bottomless pit, them niggas don’t worry me.

  5. S.I.C.K-EL Says:

    Barkley went FROM gettin busted driving drunk whilst getting oral sex from a woman OTHER than his wife TO rapping for Taco Bell.America is the land of second and third chances.

    America with all of it`s devilishment>>>>

  6. landlord Says:

    its obvious to anyone who watched that game, that the Vikings were a far superior team… the fumbling and huddledrama and interceptions were clear signs of mass collective choking… i never seen anything like it… probably never will again … and the referees STAYED with they hands in the Vikings pockets, stealing rings and whatnot…

  7. cOLD Says:

    plus them greedy niggas are easy to trap up… if you chose to.

  8. plug Says:

    yall seen the tyrone interview about the bus fight?


  9. benhameen Says:

    *daps cOLD and land*

    My goal is to get every nah right commenter to do at least one post on my site. The veterans that is.

    The Dantes ads are quite disturbing.

  10. cOLD Says:

    *daps ben*

    I just clicked your name and your site is acting funny style.

  11. cOLD Says:

    yall seen the tyrone interview about the bus fight?

    ^ yea Detroit lost. Again. Word to its so cold in the D.

  12. cOLD Says:

    mason, he was, like, a, brother, to, me.

  13. landlord Says:

    say word i thought this nigga teeths was all discombobulated…

    trust me, that wasnt him… thats that MFDOOM shit… the nigga Tyrone from the busfight died from severe blunt force trauma and internal bleeding …

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