Video: Asher Roth Interview w/ Clinton Sparks (Pt. 3)

Asher Roth speaks to Clinton Sparks about the new mixtape, the new website, the new album, working with The Neptunes, says he really respects what B.o.B is doing and co-signs Blu’s GODleeBarnes.

Mixtape/website drops March 2nd. Props to Get Familiar.

After the jump Part 2 of the interview in case you missed it.

Previously: Asher Roth Interview w/ Clinton Sparks Part 1 (Video)

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6 Responses to “Video: Asher Roth Interview w/ Clinton Sparks (Pt. 3)”

  1. steven biko Says:

    pseudo cool negras are gonna cosign this zionist racist cause rifkin and scooter gotta give em a few bucks to do beats (NOID) and rhyme (BeanieSegiel) on album again. you dummies gonna buy into the fake hype again.

  2. Harlem World Says:

    Who is funding Asher Rothschild? His album went double plastic, so they gave him a bigger budget fot his next one….Neptunes beats dont come cheap

  3. Fyodor DROstoevsky Says:

    I feel like I would view him differently if he were black. His white privilege makes me feel uncomfortable.

    *Kanye shrug

  4. Cois Says:

    His white privilege makes me feel uncomfortable.
    privilege before being emmersed into hip-hop stardom, regardless of race, is wak

  5. Kane Says:

    Dudes a sucka! He’s a club rapper at best no real talent what so ever! He’s the dude that be sitting around a college campus who 10yrs ago was playing a geetar with long hair but now get drunk and rhyme a few word while everyone laughs and say “u so gangsta asher, u my nigga” who because of his color got a record deal out of nowhere!

    See he got all these opinions about nappy headed hoes and Obama well I got a few opinions about him!

    He’s one of the top 5 worst rappers in Hip Hop!

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