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Video: Ras Kass Interview w/ DubCNN

In this interview Ras is in the studio with P Killer and in the second part, Ras drops details on who he’s working with and what his next project is, coming this spring.

Props to DubCNN

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Hit the jump for part 2.

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17 Responses to “Video: Ras Kass Interview w/ DubCNN”

  1. London Bloke Says:

    * gives spare change to Ras Kass*

  2. Beezy Says:

    remember when eskay got into a twit-fight with a dude pretending to be Ras Kass?

    good times

  3. illuminati by nature Says:

    ***starts dressing like that puerto rican nigga from “Breakin”

    ***parachute pants…check
    ***Gambit from x-men jacket, bedazzled with random buttons….check
    ***yellow half-tee shirt…check (none)

    ***surfs online for the rest of emsemble…

  4. Harlem World Says:

    Is this the same P Killer of DMX/Ruff Ryders fame?

  5. Mr. Amber Lamps Says:

    YOU SAW ME?!…..lol, nah. Just jokes nigga.

  6. illuminati by nature Says:

    i think my 15 yr old nephew had that same hoody, like 2 yrs ago….along with the spidey hoody with the zip up hood/mask combo…

  7. Cypher Says:

    yo if ras kass bum ass got enough time to give interviews he got enough time to flip burgers… (no onions)

  8. Van Sertima Says:


    nation said fuck that I’m going to post what the fuck I want nigga.

    *knocks De La Soul is Dead in the office*

    we don’t have cubes we have a weak ikea furniture office.


    no. rap and bullshit (c)

    btw best Ras song is on earth as it is.


  9. landlord Says:

    London Bloke Says:

    February 19th, 2010 at 12:30 pm
    peacoats are eternally cool … there’s never a winter where theyre out of style…


    Truth…not so much for Fedora’s though


    that wasnt even called for B …

    *continues growing epic beard*

    *takes notes on who been out of pocket*

    *orders a set of light blue t-shirts, and navyblue polyester coaching shorts*


  10. Beezy Says:

    Mr. Amber Lamps Says:
    February 19th, 2010 at 12:34 pm

    YOU SAW ME?!…..lol, nah. Just jokes nigga.

    ^lol, naw I know…they be cracking me up tho

  11. Harlem World Says:

    Rappers are killing trends…Jeezy rocked the flight jacket..Fab and Juelz killed it…I cant wear Polo anymore Young Dro has everybody buying Chinese Polo. Smh.

  12. b-ease Says:

    You have to be creative to survive in a recession. That goes for rappers just as much as consumers. Veteran MC Ras Kass proved that when he recently announced that he’s asking his fans to donate money to help him put out his as-yet-untitled album.

    With the goal of raising $3,800 in 60 days, Kass is selling T-shirts, as well as soliciting donations to complete his next independent opus

    Just in case any of you missed this yesterday…


  13. London Bloke Says:

    *continues growing epic beard*


    * gets gassed by random Nah ladies*

    * starts arguments*

    * blacks out after attack*

    * calls for amber lamps [n]*

  14. STRK Says:

    people seemed to be confused.. the money isn’t to pay him to make an album, the money is to get your hands on the limited edition CD or Vinyl

  15. PW Says:

    Italian Food > Chinese

  16. BrokenEmpires Says:

    You faggot ass niggas forgot this the dude who wrote Soul on Ice, Soul on Ice.
    A classic album in its own right.
    I wish I was a producer so I could go back re do all the beats on that album. Specially the beat for that song Nature of a Threat.
    Ras Kass been had money pussies.
    Ya’ll forgot who his cousin is? Bleu DaVinci.

  17. 2012 Dynasty Says:


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