DJ Khaled feat. Bun B, Birdman & Soulja Boy – Rocking All My Chains On


DJ Khaled feat. Bun B, Birdman & Soulja Boy – Rocking All My Chains On [via TS]

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15 Responses to “DJ Khaled feat. Bun B, Birdman & Soulja Boy – Rocking All My Chains On”

  1. landlord Says:

    whats the big rush?… the great electronica can afford to take his time, while he and the lovely Badu live comfortably off of andrea 3000’s child support checks …

  2. cheap cologne Says:

    Worst song ever..

  3. Cypher Says:

    real talk tho ms. badu got the goat for rappers… first common the andre now jay
    imagine whatll happen to the universe if a bama like gucci smashes?

    ” to be or not to be that is the question burrr” gucci mane post badu

  4. Shooter Says:

    the NBA double header tonight has been >>>

  5. Delgado Says:

    I want to listen just to hear the Bun B verse, but something tells me it’s not worth it. WTF does Khaled do on these records anyway, other then yell?

  6. donkilluminati Says:

    i can’t stand looking at his big dumb fat face anymore.

  7. Frank Says:

    ^ Bun’s verse is first so you can stop listening after that.

  8. NYer :[ Says:

    can’t get much worse than this

  9. koa29 Says:


  10. aeko Says:

    Jus bring da ambalamps, because I can’t take Khaled anymore.

  11. why? FOCUS! Says:

    I’m thinking while listening to The Miseducation of L.H if she and The Fugees got back together damn that shit would kind of suck. Wyclef ain’t great, the other dude has always been whatevers, and who knows what goes through Mrs. Hill’s head nowadays.

    Next I hear a Dilla song and thought damn if he was still alive just imagine how big Kanye got (producer/rapper wise). 2010 is gonna be year of No I.D. Dilla forever underrated and never really appreciated by most but the few that know Jay Dee know that dude should’ve been getting the recognition he deserved. Shit would be different today. Damn, why(?) God?

    That is all…

  12. B!Z Says:

    i heard this same song 12 times last year…….

  13. CassavaLeaf Says:

    Pure trash

  14. DJ Khaled ft. Soulja Boy, Bun B & Birdman "Rocking All My Chains On" | | Where Hip Hop Meets Hollywood Says:

    […] Shouts to NahRight. […]

  15. iller than ill Says:

    bun shouldn’t be working with these clowns, and somebody needs to go ahead and end dj khaled’s career he’s so damn annoying

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