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Video: Lil Wayne, Tyga & Nicki Minaj – Roger That (Behind The Scenes)

This is gonna be the first of the 9 videos to premiere.

Shouts to Derick G.

Previously: PICS: Young Money – Roger That (Behind The Scenes)

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10 Responses to “Video: Lil Wayne, Tyga & Nicki Minaj – Roger That (Behind The Scenes)”

  1. Harlem World Says:

    I got that shirt Wayne’s wearing (ll).

  2. AmpGeez a.k.a. Smoke Greene Says:

    Tom Hardy > Joe Scudda

  3. Dre Says:

    If you’d bother to do even a little fact checking Amp, you’d know we’ve posted Hardy before.



  4. Jersey*made*me Says:

    I got that shirt Wayne’s wearing (ll).



    in conjuction with


  5. Sleep Says:

    So bloomberg news is saying birdshit oil company might be fake. Thay said it may be some made up shit for bragging rights. I wouldn’t put that past him case he could just use it to say he’s making more than any other rapper cause he’s on some other shit.

  6. London Bloke Says:

    @ Dre/Dblock/Rey


  7. Plug Says:

    what pick did dblock post? link me. double pause

  8. landlord Says:

    Amp … your a biter and a fraud straight up…

    you my Son, dog… and your mother is most likely one of my ex or current bitches…

    my DNA is all over your writings …

    “Word… you know how niggaz be bitin and shit
    Niggaz be bitin mad styles n shit from niggaz man
    Yeah, no doubt
    That’s what i be hatin man, i can’t stand a fuckin bitin ass nigga
    Wanna use your lines all ahead of time
    Before you even get a chance, to shine on your own shit
    True, nah niggaz be killing me though son because
    Yaknow, they be take be comin with your words and shit
    They hear you say one word then here they come with the word
    Tryin to flip it and bounce it on some bullshit
    Yeah, yeah
    Not sounding like first of all and shit

    and you STAY trying to post under other commenters names and shit… does Combat Jack know he has a full blown groupie retard on his staff, or have you been fired already?..

    you faggot ass groupie… why you even bother breathing?

  9. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    Niggas can fall back with the shots @ Daily Math.


    why nigga?

    combat jacks favorite lap top is amps face.

  10. N8Kanu Says:

    Tyra, I mean tyga is done. Take your lime n coconut n step off! Honestly Nicki is going to sell the label more n more because of looks / wacky rhyming shit she does.Lil Wayne good luck in the joint.

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