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Video: KRS-One on The MC vs. The Emcee

The Blastmaster breaks down the difference between the M.C. and the Emcee. Check out the full interview in the Guerilla Union Video Vault on the Hip Hop Official mobile application available on all major mobile phones including iPhone and Android devices.

Semantics? I think so…

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8 Responses to “Video: KRS-One on The MC vs. The Emcee”

  1. 381BleeckerStreet Says:

    sometimes its just like “the fuck is this nigga talking about?”

  2. th!z Says:

    the thumbnail screenshot of this vid >

  3. Chemical Ali Says:

    381BleeckerStreet Says:sometimes its just like “the fuck is this nigga talking about?”

    LOL! I was thinking the samething but feeling guilty about it.

    KRS has gotten too philiosophical about the culture.

    nigga like the rap Maya Angelou

  4. yayareaaa Says:

    Damnnnn, I don’t know if its cuz i’m blown but this nigga sounds retarddeedd. “An MC is a DJ and a DJ is a MC” for real? hahaha I give KRS his props cuz he deserves it but he just sounds old as fuck

  5. fli-die Says:

    I 3rd that. I give Kris all the respect in the world, but sometimes…..
    He’ll ALWAYS be a legend. But he’s becoming like Charles Barkley on Inside The NBA.

  6. TheCoolest Says:

    I stopped taking him seriously when he said 50 Cent>Kanye

  7. Philly Says:

    You need a new sermon, preacher, because you’ve been on this one since the 80’s. Semantics? Yes. Does ANYONE care? Nope.DEAD.

  8. Chaz(215)illa Says:

    It makes total sense, he’s saying a emcee has to kno what & when to say something to get the crowd hype…jus like a dj can’t throw on a slow jam then all of a suddun cut onyx Slam right in….open ya minds ppl.

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