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Video: Kaze vs. AZ (VERSES)

Director Court Dunn got together with the 2dopeboyz for a new video series called VERSES. Kaze recites his favorite verse from Illmatic.

Previously: Court Dunn – Director’s Reel (Video)

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13 Responses to “Video: Kaze vs. AZ (VERSES)”

  1. a tribe called quest Says:

    You dont know where the verse is from huh?

  2. George Says:

    these do-it-yourself vids are getting way too random.

  3. Wesley Says:

    too bad he gets the words wrong haha (it’s “money orientated”)

  4. Clo3o5 Says:

    wow….if youre gonna recite your “favorite” verses you might as well recite them correctly!

    “fucking so bad a persons status depend on salary”
    “my mentality is money or being dated?”

    fucking RETARD!

    the real song goes
    “fuck whos the baddest a person status depend on salary”
    and “my mentality is money orientated”

    i dont even know why you guys post this bullshit up

  5. StandOut FT Says:

    Idk ??

  6. cuban b Says:

    first two bars are the realest words ever spoken in rap.visualizing the realism of life and actuality fuck whos the baddest a persons status depend on salary.wow he was right.

  7. Van Sertima Says:

    It’s “money orientated”. . .clown.

    “money or being dated” dosen’t even make sense.


    hip hop karaoke ass niggas (c)

  8. Parkerrrrr617 Says:

    This guy “Lupe’d” himself, favorite verse? At least get the words right..

  9. Dip Says:

    I’m actually a Kaze fan but this shit is pathetic. Think about all the people this video went through before it went up. How the fuck didn’t a single person think about a re-shoot or something? Fail.

  10. BKThoroughbred Says:

    Say Word! This dude done butchered up one my all time favorite verses.

  11. BANKS Says:

    SMFH! The nigga fucked the whole verse up. that’s an embarrassing look for the nigga and the nigga that shot the fucking video. and oh yeah co-sign with the nigga that said these videos are getting random. i can’t fuck with this court dunn dude. the nigga videos is random and basic. who sent this nigga?

  12. yaboy Says:

    WOW SMDH @ this piss poor effort at reciting lyrics…

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