D-Wirks – Intro


Rapper D. Schwartz & producer Beewirks are D-Wirks.

D-Wirks – Intro

BONUS: D-Wirks – Foot On The Gas


Beewirks produced Young Jeezy’s “I Got This” as well as “Lonely” off Cam’s Boss Of All Bosses 2. More of his placements featured here.

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4 Responses to “D-Wirks – Intro”

  1. Dynamics Says:

    Looking forward to the video for “Foot On The Gas”

  2. StandOut FT Says:


  3. Safe Says:

    @ dynamics : vid coming soon
    shouts to Nation for holding DWirks down since day one.
    Song is fire!!!

  4. GeoTheSage Says:

    Don’t sleep on these guys, you will regret it.

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