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Self Scientific – Deeper Roots


Second leak off DJ Khalil & Chace Infinite’s forthcoming Designer Music EP.

Deeper Roots was actually inspired by a campaign one of the most famous street wear companies used around 2006. We were planning on doing a project with the company then, but it never actually happened. The theme of the song deals with the idea that, if you have deep roots, you will have stronger branches. Look beyond the surface, and deal with each subject in it’s original nature. Wear clothes to improve your self-esteem, not to fit in.

Self Scientific – Deeper Roots | Mediafire


Props to Shake.

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7 Responses to “Self Scientific – Deeper Roots”

  1. a tribe called quest Says:

    furiousstylez raps?

  2. NovemberEnd Says:

    DJ Khalil >

    always wonder who was the chick screaming in the background of the “Kinda Like A Big Deal” track…come to find out it was just feedback from the guitar

  3. JDS just looks at her, looks at her... Says:


  4. TE Says:

    Quality. Nobody is fucking with Khalil, and Chace is dope.

  5. Curt Mcgirt Says:

    I’ve been a fan of Self Scientific since “Run the Depth” came out in 97 and been down ever since so I’m looking forward to the new shit. Although Khalil has been making noise with the success he’s had with his productions (well deserved) I hope the group can remain intact and stay consistent like they have in the past. Time has shown when it comes to mc/producer groups they dont last when the producer blows up (especially when the producer is the DJ) Gangstarr anyone?

  6. kedordu Says:

    dj khalil is dres successor . was destined to happen from way back when dr dre used soul assasins to evolve his production from g funk to chronic 2001 .if it says produced by dj kahlil .. just click on it yo …

  7. Laezea Says:

    Nice track, they’ve been hard for a minute though. DJ Khalil is a beats and definitely on some hard s**t. Can’t wait for the EP to drop.

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