Video: TSS Presents Smoking Sessions w/ Yelawolf

“My aim is to create a movie for your ears. I just want you to become a part of the music so you can feel like I felt when I love emcees for the first time. And people have lost that, in my opinion. There’s just not many artists out there that give you that feeling.”

Read the full piece here.

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2 Responses to “Video: TSS Presents Smoking Sessions w/ Yelawolf”

  1. why? Says:

    I wouldn’t be mad if you or even the other two posted some views and opinions and took a few minutes to explain and make people understand the state of the game and go back to writing paragraphs on shit you dudes got on your mind. If you getting paid to post something than do your thing but if you just feel like you gotta post why not instead post something the commenters and bloggers can debate on that for once has to do with the post. A lot of posts lately just get neglected and I rather just be reading shit instead. I understand this is a aHip Hop news site but damn

  2. sensistar Says:

    This kid a problem. Fo Real.

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