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ESSO – Sex You Up 2010

Says ESSO:

Dear Ladies, Today, men all around the world will try to make up for in one day what they could have been doing for you all of this year, last year, and the year before it: trying to impress you. Now since I try and impress you every time I think about you or every time I see you, this obviously isn’t the case with me…but for their sake, we won’t be too hard on them. Valentine’s Day is a time when people can go and support the over-commercialized belief that we have to buy the people that we care about nice things instead of making them laugh or just doing something to make them feel special. So, since I’d rather make you feel special than try and buy your affection, here’s what I decided to do…hope you enjoy and it makes you smile -Esso

ESSO – Sex You Up 2010


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4 Responses to “ESSO – Sex You Up 2010”

  1. sty Says:

    i just got my girl a mirror to look at herself in

  2. clarenceD Says:

    no homo…

  3. fresh Says:

    i didnt get my bitch shit but hard fat dick……

  4. Nah Right » ESSO - Uptown + Halo Freestyles Says:

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