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Video: Drake Announces First Single “Over”

Thursday night in Vegas, Drake announced to the crowd that the first single from Thank Me Later is titled “Over.”

Spotted @ RR

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16 Responses to “Video: Drake Announces First Single “Over””

  1. blaze22 Says:

    Drakes cool but very corny

  2. GMLLZ Says:

    Is that the song with Hov?

  3. abortatron Says:

    fuck drake

  4. StandOut FT Says:

    Drake is that nigga.


    that shit was gay

  6. Deen Says:


  7. cornballexpress Says:

    > Watch with sound off.
    > Watching creepy uncle trying to rap dance.
    > Close window.

  8. Don_Garcia Says:

    He shouldn’t talk that much about his album on WHAT he’ll do and HOW he’ll do, but just let the tracks speak for themselves!

  9. E-Man Says:

    I really dont understand why people click a topic about a rapper they dont like an talk shit bout them lol
    its very childish yo go get some pussy or something

  10. abortatron@hotmail.com Says:

    ^ cause we love to hate.

    now if you’ll excuse me, i have to go put some water in buck nasty’s mama’s dish. (c) silky johnson

  11. jasdeep Says:


  12. jasdeep Says:

    drake is a bitch nigga

  13. Eviction Notice Says:

    His career will be “over” after he drops this shitty album

  14. LIVE! Says:

    you faggots is the only ones hatin……. this nigga got one of the greatest deals ever, a sprite campaign, 2 grammy nods, the best MIXTAPE .. EVER.. the biggest buzz ever u could disagree if u want to but your lying to yourself… he sold 200,000 plus copies of a 7 song ep featuring songs he offered online for free, hes been in the studio with EVERY TOP NAME, jay-z and kanye did more shit with him than with their own artists.. hes on bp3 for fuck sake, he went on tour with a fucking MIXTAPE.. PERFORMED HIS SONG at the grammys(no album) got no freshman cosign and made more money than every one of them niggas put TOGETHER… i dont give a fuck what you want to call him but i left out a lot of shit that hes done.. within the last year (officially this weekend) hes done more than most artists ever do THE MAN WROTE A SONG ON ALICIA KEYS ALBUM and did back vocals.. you an say hes not hip hop and what you would be admitting to is that hes not as illiterate as the gun hugging crack slanging idiots that only exploit the hood lifestyle while people are thinking its fuckin cool and are continuing to corrupt this world as well as themselves..

    – No.1 Hits Off A Mixtape.. Unheard OF!

    Im done..



  15. Iknowitall Says:

    This man above me speaks the truth…no one gives a fuck about how much crack you slang or the guns you shoot any more…hip-hop is about messages and stories…I’m glad the corruption is dying out slowly…clearly its fucked up all of your minds since you have to say Drake’s a “bitch nigga” because he makes good records that are far from negative and destructive of the young black mans mind….you stupid fucks…grow up

  16. truelife Says:

    finally somebody gives my man drake some respect.. you dudes stop hatin and grow up…. drake has done things as a brand new artist that most havent even dreamed of… you guys forget that the first half of last year he was an unsigned hype doing what signed artist do…
    you dont have to like the man but give him his respect because drake has earned his due and a place in the hip-hop world…

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