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Video: Various Artists – We Are The World 25 For Haiti

This is for a good cause and all, but under no circumstances should you actually purchase this. You know where to send that money instead.

Donate: Partners in Health | Doctors Without Borders | Red Cross

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37 Responses to “Video: Various Artists – We Are The World 25 For Haiti”

  1. maxman Says:

    …That was cringe worthy… especially ll cool j led rap

  2. Nahkeem Olajuwon Says:

    Hov and Slim Shady couldn’t make a cameo, but… Neighborhood Nippsey could?

    This can’t be life.

  3. great Says:

    where’s eminem and jay z?

  4. LONDON Says:


  5. mad Says:

    damn instead of encouraging people to donate you gotta be a smart ass…how sad..

  6. Cruzin Says:

    wow…i bet that was soo awkward to rap in unison like that. but other then that it was good that they did that for a good cause.

    Imagine how it would of been if taylor swift was there, there would of been some maa drama

  7. napoleon Says:

    i want people to donate as i have in the past, howver that was sooooooooooooo bad. The missing link was Micheal Jackson. they need him on the production side. He would have made sure everything went way better. why did Jamie Fox do his Ray Ray voice SMH. ANF LMBAO @Nahkeem Olajuwon for that comment “Hov and Slim Shady couldn’t make a cameo, but… Neighborhood Nippsey could?

    This can’t be life.



  8. haiti Says:

    all ready donated 40 G’s to haiti

  9. JMack Says:

    I dont trust wyclef. all my money goes to red cross.

  10. Hombre Negro Says:

    This is for a good cause but…


    It sounds bad
    It uses white artists for most of the cameos
    It would’ve been WHACK for Eminem or D.O.A. Jiggah to do this
    It provided a good photo op for Wayne (Going to Jail) and Kanye (Taylor Swift)
    It shows that talent was just as important as capitalism back in the day… Now only capitalism is important… :-|
    It shows that Lionel Richie speaks like a OG (That was like the best part)

  11. GrizzlyAnimal Says:

    did wayne really use autotune ?? Hilarious

  12. scrap Says:

    this is not as bad as everyone is making it out to be. It’s only unbearable when any rappers come on. Wayne, T-Pain using auto-tune, which i know is what he does but seriously? on a tribute track? Jaimie Foxx doing the Ray Charles impersonation was corny and not needed. But holy shit that, that “rap-a-long”…and fucking nipsey hussle in the background not doing a damn thing. this also doesn’t warrant rappersiknow shutting themselves down nor illdoctrine, i dont go to either site, but them doing that is cornier than this song.

  13. beantownbeaner11 Says:

    this shit is whack as fuck and sounds like the devil’s fart…but I do enjoy Illdoctirne and think its bullshit that we shouldn’t get anything because T pain decided to use auto tune…if you guys wanted to boycott you should’ve done a long time ago

  14. HombreNegro Says:

    When you’re down and out and there seems no hope at all… Cut to Michael Jackson

    *Q & Lionel talking about the singers on this track*

  15. lo-head Says:

    Nipsey fuckin hussle is in this video….*dies*

  16. Polka Says:

    They actually let Kanye say something too, how epic.

  17. Don_Garcia Says:

    I expected Em & Jigga to to a duet in the end…. :-(

  18. Ex-Slave Says:

    Good cause. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible song. This benefits comedians more than it does Haiti. Drips with fodder.

  19. teddy Says:

    FAIL – F-

    this is nowhere near the classic version video looks badly edited together compared to the one shot years ago rap parts wack as fuck why is t-pain in there cant take the song seriously with him n some of the ppl in it its a joke even the singing is 2nd rate compared to the old one everyone in the old one bodies everyone in this version wtf is a justin beiler pop bullshit…the best part of it was the jackson part which techically is the old song anyway

  20. K Says:

    Terrible rendition to such a classic song and video… it’s for a very worthy cause, one that I’ve donated to… but without a doubt… OG Version > This!!!

  21. M Says:

    Wow… They definitely ruined a classic… Im not digging Auto-Tune, this shit looks extra rushed…. and Where the fuck were these cats for Katrina… damn… not hating on Haiti.. but damn… this was a terrible version. Imma still donate though they still need alot of help…

  22. thekid10705 Says:

    No Shots but this video reminded me of a Saturday NIght Live skit!

  23. sowait Says:

    I thought the best part was LL Cool J’s rap part to be honest with all them other cats in the background that sounded dope and it added to it… The low point was Lil Wayne using autotune for his solo LOL, Kanye sound awkward in one of his parts and then of course Nippissy Hustle or however you spell his name??? I was like Que?

  24. sowait Says:

    Oh and they lost for Anthony Hamilton not getting a solo! He goes in on the singing tip! Overall I didn’t think it was as bad as some are saying!

  25. evan Says:

    towering circle jerk of a song.

  26. Ted DiBiase Says:

    I don’t care how mainstream rap is, it should not have been a part of this track.

  27. elcheo90 Says:

    lol i think i seen bizzy bone

  28. Mr.West Says:

    cool how i tihnk they made this including everyone pretty surprised that they gave ye his own spot but he killed it like always for his two words besides that I think adam levine sounded the best 1

  29. realtalk82 Says:

    Yeah good job for everyone comin together………..The sad thing about this whole thing is this is REAL CORNY!!!! I had to say it because it just feels a little forced. Of course if someone was to show me this who worked on this project I’d have to lie and tell them how good it was but honestly I just watched and listened because of the good cause and hype behind it. People still will support this for the good in them though!

  30. George W. Push Says:

    where’s the fire t-pain? why you got a backpack on? tryin to make a quick exit or something?

    jennifer hudson was one of the only people who had the voice to carry a song that strong

  31. Yele Haiti Supporter Says:

    Why would didn’t you put a link for Yele Haiti! You don’t show support for the only black organization doing anything on the ground in Haiti who happens to be a hip hop artist. So we should give money the to the same NGOs who have help perpetuated the poverty in Haiti even before the earthquake. Disgusting nahright!

  32. backpack T Says:

    so much wack

  33. DJ IXS Says:

    No Mariah…No Whitney…No Sade…No Brian McKnight…BUT YOU HAVE JUSTIN FUCKING BIEBER singing Lionel Richie’s opening lines!?!?!? WTF!!! MAJOR FAIL!

  34. Cal Says:

    I’m Em didn’t make it, I love dude but this just aint his forum and I can’t even imagine what lyrics he’d spew coming off the heels of relapse. It kinda feels like they told rappers like Hov and Em to either get with it or have their names dragged through the mud.

  35. 010 rotterdam DUTCHWEED Says:

    put afroman on it, tbh this is worthless..

    foxx trying to say donate as much as possible, he got a couple of millions donate urs ;)

  36. liaBIGPUNov Says:

    aight…I didn’t really pay attention to the video anymore at around 5.10 after Jamie Foxx did the Ray Charles impersonation, so I thought all the time that it’s Young Jeezy rapping and it sounded kind of aight, definitely best part of the song…everyone was talking about LL and I was like, where the fuck was James Todd, but only later I realized that LL is actually Young Jeezy and Jeezy is LL. I mean, if the best part of the song is LL sounding like Jeezy, I guess that’s fucking it. This is a major fail.

    Fuck, I so hate Wyclef. This shit is unbearable. WTF is the guy shouting something in Creole?

  37. Chi Town Says:

    This was cool. I applaud the artists for taking the time and talent to do this. They could have just stayed at home in front of a computer typing hate into a hip hop blog comment section

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