Video: Masspike Miles ft. Rick Ross – Love Drunk

This kinda took a while… Directed by the underrated Dan The Man, produced by Streetrunner.

First single off his forthcoming debut album, The Struggle on Maybach Music.

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5 Responses to “Video: Masspike Miles ft. Rick Ross – Love Drunk”

  1. E-Man Says:

    aye ross artist might not sell alot of albums but you got to give him credit for at least tryna put his homies out there
    cause unlike other artist who start labels(young jeezy,weezy(except drake an nicki) they dont be puttin out they artist like that so hats off to ross

    by the way that beat is fuckin crazy gotta give him credit for lending that beat to him to cause I would have stole that shit lol

  2. E-Man Says:

    oh an another point got to respect ross for actually making the video something unlike other artist who make there artist videos look like shit

  3. The Klassikz Says:

    The Klassikz approve this song.

  4. MagerPain Says:

    This was surprisingly good.

  5. BrokenEmpires Says:

    Yeah, this was a good look.
    Good video,
    Good beats (should have been amazing. tho…)
    good lyrics.

    I like the camera they using.

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