Video: Freddie Gibbs Interview w/ CDR

Another day, another Freddie Gibbs interview.

They discuss the LA Weekly cover, dream collaborations, his mixtape projects, and how people in the corporate world can relate to his music.

Previously: Freddie Gibbs feat. Pill – Do Wrong (CDQ)

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6 Responses to “Video: Freddie Gibbs Interview w/ CDR”

  1. Cashmere Cavalli aka The Debonair Cavalier Says:

    Freddie Gibbs = Z-ro w/ high self-esteem

  2. Beezy Says:

    damn so Vancouver had to screw the Indians to have the Olympics on their land?


  3. &What?! Says:

    I think I need to change the gym I go to, smfh.

  4. D_Block_4_Life Says:


    What was that you posted? Nice little joke their pal.

  5. Beezy Says:

    Nice little joke their pal.


  6. Get Your Money Up!!!! Says: add me i need advice on making moves

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