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Video: French Montana – Them Girls

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11 Responses to “Video: French Montana – Them Girls”

  1. cuatro-cinco Says:

    yo’ this nigga is wack.. foreal stop posting his shit!

  2. StandOut FT Says:

    Na homie this shit is fire. This my nigga mixtape shit right here you just gotta be on the same wave.

  3. Swift KiDDer Says:

    kind of very weak

  4. cuatro-cinco Says:

    fire?? a you serious ..?? but i got nutting but respect for you,, at the end of the day he is you boy. but he still wack tho!

  5. dam Says:


  6. fuck this Says:

    seriously…french is horrible. he be havin some aiight beats but this nigga sucks. his lyrics are sooooo fuckin trash. fuck his “wave”..fuck all “waves”..grow up niggaz…

  7. PLDS Says:

    uhhhh this shit go hard.

    shut the fuck up. it might not be the hottest french montana
    but french got classics nigga. fuck what you hear nigga.

  8. Eviction Notice Says:

    This nigga is super lame PDLS I knew you would try and cosign this post…we need more of this nigga…haha yea fucking right this shit should only be used to wipe my ass after a taco bell binge GTFOH…

  9. RLW Says:

    Beat is bananas, who cares if he doesn’t rap until 1:15

  10. you know who Says:

    charles victor loves cocaine

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