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Lil Wayne Sentencing Adjourned; New Date March 2nd


Spoke too soon. MTV is reporting that Lil Wayne’s attorney announced that the sentencing has been pushed back to March 2nd. The rapper is apparently suffering from a broken tooth that needs medical attention and the judge agreed to reschedule the sentencing. He will have to undergo surgery on February 12th in Miami, and will need a week to 10 days of recovery. The defense asked that he be sentenced on February 25th, but the judge decided on March 2nd as the new date. But the judge also said:

“I don’t want this to get pushed back anymore,” Solomon said. “This is the last adjournment.”

Lucky fucker.

Previously: Lil Wayne To Be Sentenced & Will Start Serving Today

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32 Responses to “Lil Wayne Sentencing Adjourned; New Date March 2nd”

  1. Rios Says:

    all that anticipation for nothing

  2. @Marvlouz Says:

    Wow, lucky wayne….. more time to fry his brain loll

  3. Says Says:

    delaying the inevitable.

  4. jermaine Says:

    publicity stunt!!!! You telling me the judge didnt know about your tooth until today. Fuck outta here!!!

  5. COIS Says:

    i really hope that nikki minaj sheds anothe tear, and that absolutely nothing happens to this man’s hair. please keep me posted on this heart wrenching developing story per TMZ.

  6. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    delaying the inevitable.


    i’m sayin. man up and get that shit over with.

  7. Beezy Says:

    who would’ve thought Wayne’s poor oral hygiene would be a God-send

  8. Ghost Writer Says:

    Beezy Says:

    February 9th, 2010 at 2:58 pm
    who would’ve thought Wayne’s poor oral hygiene would be a God-send


  9. LaneKiffin*CainSniffin*LaneSwitchin* Says:

    Cracked tooth? Nigga must have looked Slim in the eyes for like .5 seconds and almost got murked.

    On the down low Drake heard the news of the court date gettin pushed back and inside his head was like “….dam……just get this monkey ass nigga in there so i can takeover this shit……fuckin gremlin lookin mutha……..”

  10. BroliC FontS Says:

    Yo Wale, my bad for posting the random hate in reference to the pretty girls posts commentary, I didnt even check the video…..that my sweetie jawn is fucking Ill on too many levels!

    I guess I have to relinquish the hate and go back to non-violence…

  11. Ghost Writer Says:

    Homie’s teeth must be black by now…

  12. COIS Says:

    to all the weezy groupies, im not a fan of this cat, but i heard his new album..or the one that is supposed to be coming out. Anyway, its all rock music and its fukin horrible. not cuz it’s rock but because aint it good shit. i thinks its best that he be inside while the album comes out

  13. PastorKerneyThomas Miwacles Says:

    that niggas grill looks EXACTLY like the monsters teeth in the ads on the side of this page for the Inferno shit. Exact match. Now how can one of them super strong t-rex teeth get cracked??? its sum funny bidness goin on here (no mike epps dvd)

  14. Frank Says:

    Nigga scared tho.

  15. Harlem World Says:

    Even though I think he shouldn’t go to prison, the TIs got what they wanted. A fucking hip hop soap opera.

    We got Minaj crocodile tears..
    Every blog and magazine is just Wayne, Wayne, Wayne…
    Even nobody niggas like Gudda Gudda and Jae Millz are getting publicity due to this trial…

  16. Harlem World Says:

    He took a plea…meaning he might have beaten the case had it gone to trial. Im sure the advice of Universals attorneys was “take the plea, it will be great publicity for Rebirth, plus Drake needs room to breath(ll)”

  17. why? Says:

    Lol now Drake gonna be nervous because he said “I love you nigga” yesterday on that live video and Wayne gonna try to pull a move on Aubrey.

  18. Ghost Writer Says:

    I honestly want to hear what Carter 4 sounds like (n)

  19. Harlem World Says:

    Rappers throwing themselves in prison…
    Rappers faking their own shootings..
    Rappers doing everything but rapping..

  20. Says Says:

    i honestly think…. that lil’ nigga’s scared. Buncha lyin’ assed rappers on the air-waves every day.

  21. Ghost Writer Says:

    Says Says:

    February 9th, 2010 at 3:15 pm
    i honestly think…. that lil’ nigga’s scared. Buncha lyin’ assed rappers on the air-waves every day.

    He is scared dude…I mean I think is his first trip too, who knows what awaits a millionaire behind bars (pause)…you would be scared too homie so don’t act tough

  22. CiCi The Intern Says:

    I guess having fake ass teeth paid off. Lucky fucker.

    *daps to all*

  23. Andre Says:

    I find it kind of odd nobody knew about this tooth problem before 40 minutes ago…

  24. Says Says:

    “you would be scared too homie so don’t act tough”


    Where in my statement am I actin’ tough? All im sayin’ is these dudes are on these CDs braggin’ about “I’ll snuff this guy” and “i’ll blast you”, etc.

    Then when its crunch time, you duck doing time because you gotta go to the dentist?

    You had the gun on the bus, accept the consequences and man the fuck up.

  25. Tong Po Flo Says:

    delaying the inevitable.


    i’m sayin. man up and get that shit over with.

    ^ word

  26. really wtf Says:

    Yo, the man going to jail. lets stop all the hate and see where this takes us. i wanna see what music comes from this. How will he spit after a year in.

    Its really about the entertainment anyway, right?

  27. Jewtino Says:

    The DOC said you could keep yo braids ninja, lets see what C and D Block have to say about that…

  28. Hi Hater! Says:

    fuck this nigga. he’s a scared lil bitch lol

  29. Just X Says:

    That tooth bullshit is just the result of having good lawyers that with Wayne’s tax bracket, he could afford. He got cold feet so he gets a couple extra weeks before gametime.

    I do think for Wayne at least, the break from the scene will be good. I think he needs to realize what the concept of “over-saturating the market” means to his business.

  30. notarapper Says:

    he’s gettin’ them joints removed. imagine the kinda cred you’d get in Rikers for knocking one out. they would be the new prison currency

  31. Joey Profit$ Says:

    The boy still has to serve a year at the end of the day

  32. Aggy ShuttlezWorf Says:

    Just so happens he has to go to a dentist in MIAMI?! SMH

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