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Video: Combat Jack & Peter Rosenberg Discuss Big Pun

Here’s some footage from a portion of the Peter Rosenberg and Combat Jack podcast in which they discuss a myriad of topics, from their opposing opinions on the finances of Christopher and Liza Rios to the Rev. Al Sharpton and more, on some grown man goatee shit.  If you follow such things then you probably recall that the Pun debate was at the center of a brief but verbally violent war of words on Twitter, and was the source of much of the bad blood between these guys. So, yeah, it’s good to see that two smart cats with a lot of valuable insight into the game, can sit down and hash shit out, and do it in a public forum.  See, a lot of these internets guys are content to sit around and hurl insults and untruths via blog posts and Twitter, emboldened by the knowledge that they’ll never in their worthless lives have to face the people they’re running their mouths about.  So you know seeing folks act their age and build like this makes those cowards souls burn slow.

Anyway, as I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Combat and Dallas Penn have both moved on from XXLMag.com for the greener blogging pastures over @ ihiphop, so definitely check in with them when you have a minute.

More footage after the jump.

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12 Responses to “Video: Combat Jack & Peter Rosenberg Discuss Big Pun”

  1. a tribe called quest Says:

    rosenbergs can talk for hours

  2. Combat Jack-ass Says:

    I can’t keep a job nowhere

    RIP my XXL career

  3. Ghost Writer Says:


  4. Combat Jack-ass Says:

    I ain’t a pretty nigga but Dallas Penn think I’m handsome ~Me

  5. hl Says:

    Combat and Dallas Penn have both moved on from XXLMag.com for the greener blogging pastures over @ ihiphop

    *blank stare*

  6. TheCo!!inB Says:

    grown man goatees? that’s what gets the bloggers blogging?

  7. Combat Jack-ass Says:

    shout out eskay

    “moved on” sounds so much better than the way XXL put it…”terminated for cause”

  8. hl Says:

    Rosenberg has split personalities. He talks the most shit about artists, then sucks them off in person (nh).

  9. Combat Jack-ass Says:

    any of you niggas have a plastic surgeon you can recommend? Or maybe a demolition contractor?

    I need a total reconstruction.

  10. Bricktop Says:


  11. hl Says:

    Rosenberg told Primo that “Nas is Like” was Nas’ last good single, knowing damn well “Made You Look” and “Thieves Theme” came out since then.

  12. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    “what these niggas call beef is not beef at all.”(c)flaco beze

    let this be a lesson…

    niggas bloggin it but aint livin it.

    rosenburgs deuce chunckin’ fingas are skrong.(n)

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