The Empire – The Drought Is Over Part 7 (Cover)


There’s a song dropping tomorrow. R.I.P. Lil Wayne.

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40 Responses to “The Empire – The Drought Is Over Part 7 (Cover)”

  1. The Destroyer Says:

    Are you serious?

    Smokee Robinson artwork > THIS!!!

  2. DJ WRECK Says:


  3. hanzo Says:

    gtfoh w/ this mess.

  4. concerned citizen Says:

    i look forward to lil wayne mixtapes more than most albums.

  5. CHANEL Says:

    co-sign smokee robinson art is tough

  6. The Destroyer Says:

    who ever made this is

    One egg short of the omelet
    *Lil Wayne frog voice*

  7. A. L. 7. Says:

    For real? naw im all good on this.

  8. NOLAIS504(uptown) Says:

    smh, niggaz comparing artwork. WHO DAT.

  9. dub Says:

    that cover is dope.. too bad the rapper isin’t.

  10. The Destroyer Says:

    smh at niggaz commenting on niggaz commenting about artwork

  11. dub Says:

    i agree what could be worse then that? hmm maybe the nigga commenting on niggaz who are commenting about artwork.

  12. NOLAIS504(uptown) Says:

    smh at The Destroyer straight uup. Jets —>

  13. Shooter Says:

    LMAO at this cover

  14. moresickaMC Says:

    smh@ the cover

    i’d like to see one of these rappers do a mixtape cover dressed as Prphet Mohamed


  15. Felipe Says:

    man what the fuck at least when nas did his thing it was more tasteful than this

    this reminds me of a suicide silence (metal band) t-shirt

  16. SSP Soundz Says:

    didn’t Remy Ma get bashed for doing the same cover ?

  17. Killa Jones Says:


  18. LondonBloke: Internahtional Man of Mystery Says:

    *daps all*

  19. COCCA88CRAZY88SINCE88 Says:


  20. Ghost Writer Says:

    Okay since when is Lil Wayne from NY?

  21. Ghost Writer Says:

    This cover is stupid…but why am I not surprised

  22. really wtf Says:

    This is eye catching, but so distasteful. I mean its not really neccessary. i guess nothing wayne does is in moderation, but wtf.

  23. really wtf Says:

    i like waynes music, this cover is wack..sorry for extra comment.

  24. Ghost Writer Says:

    Is it because he’s going to prison in NY?

  25. B.Payton Says:


  26. Ghost Writer Says:

    *kicks tumbleweed*

  27. Letsgetreal Says:

    Wow. Just when I thought Wayne couldn’t get any worse…this is straight up whaaaaaaaaaaaack.

  28. Black Brokaw Says:

    who does the art work?

  29. +1 Says:

    did he even have any say on the art work?

  30. paxprime Says:


  31. HELLO Says:

    He doesnt have any thing to do with the mixtape. Last time he sued “The Empire” for leaking

  32. Don_Garcia Says:

    That cover is awful!
    Even if this is an unofficial mixtape it makes my eyes bleed!

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  34. J_Pena Says:

    u nkkas knw that wayne has nothin to do with empire droppin these tapes? do your homework. who cares about the artwork.

  35. smh Says:

    Drop the world > Rebirth

    Hes going to jail maybe when he gets out he realizes his lyrics are ass.

    …….but then again maybe not.

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  37. Malaman Says:

    Co-sign on the distastefulness…cmon weezy

  38. DUMBASSES Says:

    wayne didnt make this cover the Empire did..its not even an official mixtape..and its new york based because if you cant tell thats the jail he’ll be attending you fucks..

  39. west Says:

    nigga u aint 2pac!

  40. elliott b Says:

    i honestly cannot believe that after people read about and listen to lil wayne they dont think hes the best. you people that hate on him and say hes wack are uneducated, im not even tryin to be all on his balls like that, no homo. im not sayin all the shit he does is dope, but nobody these days is doin what hes doin, no one can touch him, the artwork is sick, its new york cause thats where hes doin time. name someone alive thats better, sellin more cds, doin more shows, makin more money off music, not no businessman hes an artist, no ones got a better work ethic, no one has the best analogies, no one cares more about music than wayne. nino brown son, and the carter get educated

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