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Video: Westwood in Miami Preview

Some footage of Timmy preparing to broadcast from Miami and checking out the Super Bowl Fan Jam.

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2 Responses to “Video: Westwood in Miami Preview”

  1. D. Billz Says:



    Yeah, it was the little things that you just mentioned that made me more of a fan of The Corner because more locals could relate, IMO. The Wire was highly publicized. Not taking away from it, but I knew that once it hit the HBO market it was gonna be more of a novelty. Speaking of Hickey, didn’t they shut that down? My manz from round the way, his father was 2nd in command of the juvenile system in Bmore. Said he heard/seen mad stuff. I think they just let them boys go with nowhere else to go for real.

    Yo, Fran played the hell outta that fiend. I forget her real name but she sexy as shit.


    Nah. Budden got damn near blackballed. If that beef with him and Jay kept going he wouldn’t even have an Amalgam deal.

  2. StandOut FT Says:


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