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Video: Halftime @ MLK Courts w/ Bobbito Garcia

Media Gasface catch up with Bobbito Garcia at the Foster Projects in Harlem.

While practicing his balling skills, Bob recalls Its The Shoes, the 1st show that ever exposed sneaker culture (and Fat Joe licking his own kicks).
The former WKCR host tells about his many accomplishments and best memories in the ball field, as well as Joe Hammond’s story, one of a harlemite drug dealer who became a playground legend in his spare time, like on that day of 1971 when he showed up mid-game in a limo during a pro-am tournament and scored 50 points in the remaining half…
People called him “the Destroyer”, and Julius Erving defended on him this day…

Previously: Bobbito’s Nuyorican State Of Mind

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4 Responses to “Video: Halftime @ MLK Courts w/ Bobbito Garcia”

  1. The return line o.k.a. Moment of relapse Says:

    WTF?! Like you’ve got anything else better to do. It’s fucking snowing for christ’s sake! Now comment!

  2. Ed Says:

    Those shorts are hot . Where can I get a pair

  3. COIS Says:

    dude gets his props and respect for his work in the game, but everytime i hear him speak in interviews he never hesitates to figuretively suck himself off…it’s sad cuz it’s mad unneccessary

  4. StandOut FT Says:

    bob is a funny dude.

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