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Video: Nicki Minaj Talks Boob Signings

Nicki explains to MTV how the (female fan) boob signings started and how it transformed into virtual signings on her twitter.

After the jump, she talks about how estatic she was when she heard that Jay-Z personally recommended her to Robin Thicke for “Shakin’ It 4 Daddy.”

Obviously, Jay-Z … Jay-Z is a person in hip-hop that you almost don’t think he exist until you meet him. It’s almost like he’s bigger than a person. He’s a mythical figure. That’s a great way to describe it. I was like, ‘Jay-Z knows me?’ I didn’t think he knew who I was, let alone recommend me for something. If he did know who I was, I didn’t know if he liked my style or approved. It was weird. It was like getting that stamp of approval from the most popular jock in high school and being a freshman in high school and thinking no one knows you exist.

He saw me perform it with Robin at Robin’s release party. It was scary — him and Beyoncé were there, literally a few feet away from us watching us perform in New York. They loved the performance. Beyoncé was so into it. I never saw her act like that. She was like, ‘You killed it.’ It was just a crazy experience — that whole night, even being tied to somebody like Robin. I wouldn’t expect him to want to make a record like ‘Shakin’ It 4 Daddy.’ I’m just happy to be a part of the project and I’m glad it came from Jay. I don’t think Robin really knew me. When Jay said that, he probably was like, ‘Really?’ and researched me. Then I think he saw me in the ‘Five Star’ video and got an idea of who I was. If it didn’t come from Jay, he probably would have been like, ‘Who? Never heard of her.’

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13 Responses to “Video: Nicki Minaj Talks Boob Signings”

  1. a tribe called quest Says:

    This is the garbage shes been feeding her dumbass followers? This chick is a ruhtard

  2. Eastern_Digital aka Nahright's Fantasy Football champ Says:

    that bitch gotta cop a new weave quick

  3. COCCA88CRAZY88SINCE88 Says:

    Ingas titties > nickis titties

  4. COCCA88CRAZY88SINCE88 Says:

    a tribe called quest Says:
    February 5th, 2010 at 9:07 pm
    This is the garbage shes been feeding her dumbass followers? This chick is a ruhtard


  5. Mouf Milly Says:

    Nicki is sexy.


  6. DMV_resider Says:

    Who let her get famous. niki GO THAT WAY—->

  7. Youn Says:

    Minja with Vickie > Nicki minja

  8. Nas son. Says:

    She got lucky her music is so wack its hot smdh her ass is sweet though.

  9. ay Says:

    chicks only dress up for chicks if theyre lesbian, like you nikki


    when you gon’ let me fuuuuuuck ms. minaj

  11. Lolamack – The Fat Chick Who Talks Shit » You Know I Keep A Bad Bitch… Let Me Sign Ya Boobs Says:

    […] Spotted @ Nah Right? […]

  12. jacqueiblakely Says:

    Y’all all some haters cause she got action and y’all don’t… ITS BARBIE BITCHES..

  13. krystal Says:

    “who styled your hair eminem its lookin kinda SHADY.”

    – Geisha, “10 stars Mr. Niki Minaj Diss”
    “Paid” County, FL.

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