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Video: Shanell Speaks on Lil Wayne

*Blankest stare*

Young Money’s Shanell speaks on sucking face with Lil Wayne live on stage every night, what songs she did on Rebirth and which ones were her favorite.

Lil Wayne’s Rebirth is in stores now.

BONUS: Lil Wayne feat. Mickey Factz & Shanell – Runnin’ (Remix)

Previously: Shanell feat. Lil Wayne & Ne-Yo – Other Side (prod. David Guetta)

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11 Responses to “Video: Shanell Speaks on Lil Wayne”

  1. Jimmy Says:

    That chain on her face looks fucking ridiculous.

  2. Tong Po Flo Says:

    This looks like that one chick from Deep Space Nine when she wears the chain thing on her damn face, ol alien ass nucca just like yo mentor

  3. Mr.Londoner Says:


  4. desario Says:

    hahahah, DS9 references! nerds! yeah, she looks busted with that earring and goodwill hat on

  5. IlLogic Says:

    Yo is that shit on her face supposed to be “artistic”? I hope she do drugs, I mean like I hope she dont just naturally look that way.

  6. PapaMo Says:

    I never thought I would say this about any nucca. But Weezy needs to calm down on the hoes, he already gotta schoolbus load of kids.

  7. itz ko Says:

    haa this chick lookin like a female version of wayne haha sounds like him too

  8. White Says:

    what a cunt

  9. Hi Hater! Says:

    Im 100% sure Wayne fucked her. Just like he fucked Nicki, and his 10 baby moms

  10. donkilluminati Says:

    that nose/ear ring is so hideous i want to yak all over her face

  11. cesus jrist Says:

    what a coincidence she looks identical to wayne.

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