Video: Salaam Remi Talks Music Leaks

In part 2 of Salaam Remi’s phenomenal interview with SoulCulture, he discusses when music leaks out. He mentions a Sade “Lovers Rock” remix featuring one Nasir Jones, from 2001. He then talks about how he managed to put Nas on John Lennon’s “Imagine” and while they were waiting for Yoko to clear it, it somehow fell into the hands of Pitbull, who had decided to lay some bars on it… needless to say Salaam was offended.

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5 Responses to “Video: Salaam Remi Talks Music Leaks”

  1. StandOut FT Says:

    Salaam did that do the uptown bounce zhigge joint back in the days.

  2. BLESS Says:

    I would be offended as well! Nas is a creative artist and Salaam Remi is a dope producer!

  3. daviD blackhaM Says:

    Imagine is another one of those gems that don’t make it on a Nas album. Pitbull a clown but his verse was actually decent.

  4. PHD Says:

    wish I could hear it, no matter how foul ish Pitbull pulled

  5. MP3 & A VIDEO – Pitbull, Nas & John Lennon – Imagine (from 2003, plus a video of Salaam Remix mad at Pitbull for jumping on it) Says:

    […] into Pitbull’s lap and Pitbull released his own remix of it. Which you can hear above. Shouts to Nah Right for the […]

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