Video: Drake Joined by Chris Brown at VCU

Tonight was Drake’s first headlining show since the knee injury and it went down at VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University.) His VIBE Magazine co-star Chris Brown came out to join him during A Night Off.

After the jump, more footage including Tyga coming out to perform, as well as The Calm, Fear, Invented Sex, Best I Ever Had & Forever.

Drake x Tyga

The Calm + Fear

Invented Sex + Best I Ever Had

Best I Ever Had + Forever

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9 Responses to “Video: Drake Joined by Chris Brown at VCU”

  1. Jimmy Says:

    Dude is getting soft. I doubt he’ll ever release something as sick as what he did on So Far Gone.

  2. Geo Says:

    I would’ve thought because of Rihanna the two of them wouldn’t speak at all… good shit

  3. StandOut FT Says:

    Drake it the leader of the new school.

  4. GMLLZ Says:

    804…under 13 inches of snow…16 more coming this weekend…I don’t miss home.

  5. Chris Brown Says:


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  7. ERIC Says:

    the show was really short…

    … and the crowd was a bit whack. how do you not know so far gone? he put on unstoppable and people were clueless. did they even know fear? i doubt it. drake has hits… no one can deny it. i just wish he had more of a stage presence. or maybe i’m crazy?

  8. Rios Says:

    yeah a lotta ppl looked clueless during a lotta songs and yes drake got sorry ass performing skills, it was boring and short, tight to see breezy and him together tho

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