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Video: Mysonne – Victory

Mysonne goes over the classic Biggie track for his Definition of a G mixtape, coming soon.

Previously: Mysonne – I’m All In (Video)

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5 Responses to “Video: Mysonne – Victory”

  1. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    *Watches Ed Lover’s “C’mon son pt10″*


    that episode killed me last night.

  2. PsicoMagia Says:

    hiphop was born and thrived from struggle… thats what you white bandwagon riders dont overstand ..

    not jus thip hop most new genres emerge bc of this…it might not be the same type of oppression but in some aspect a group of people feel misrepresented and breath life into new genres…then masses jump on the bandwagon makin it popular…thats y i see these hipsters as the only next shyt really..

  3. D_Block_4_Life Says:

    Saigon lost.
    I know

    >that nigga better go see if he can still get that deal w/turtle.
    Funny enough i was listening to Sai & Statik’ All In a Days work and it has aged well since i first heard it…

  4. Dewill Says:

    Niggas have escalated from throwin shots to droppin bombs!!

  5. Detroit P Says:

    Nivea got a secret phatty.
    that shit was never a secret..See: The Dream and Wayne

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