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RIP Def Jux


Def Jux Founder, Artistic Director and Recording Artist El-P released a statement to clear the rumors of the future of the indie label.

Read El-P’s statement here.

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18 Responses to “RIP Def Jux”

  1. a tribe called quest Says:


  2. Chief Ali AKA The One Who Stay Building Says:

    definitely an ill label when they first formed

    Cold Vein>>>>>>>>>>

  3. hl Says:

    definitely an ill label when they first formed

    Cold Vein>>>>>>>>>>


    Yeah. I think the last Def Jux product I checked for was Cage’s second album. It was pretty dope even though it was kinda emo. That last shit he came out with was just gay though.

  4. Troyvul Says:

    The Runners > Cool & Dre

  5. Aight Says:

    maybe if nahright gave more coverage to indie rap other than just R.I.P. posts when the labels fold …….. Strange Famous and Rhymesayers are doing their thing this year, while nahright covers asher roth.

  6. Harlem World Says:

    # Troyvul Says:
    February 3rd, 2010 at 12:35 pm

    The Runners > Cool & Dre


  7. Breaux Brosephson the !! Says:

    The runs > The Runners
    Cold and Dead > Cool and Dre

  8. GregOden Says:

    J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League > Cool & Dre>>>> The Runners

    Every RUnners ebat sounds the same.

  9. GregOden Says:


  10. Breaux Brosephson the !! Says:

    I still don’t understand why Wale didn’t make an album that sounded like DC. It just boggles my mind. Go Go >

  11. Matt Says:

    Def Jux should have signed Juiceman while they had the chance.

  12. George W. Push Says:

    sucks they went under, but i haven’t been a fan of the label since… well, ever. that cannibal ox album was good, but that’s really all i can think of.

  13. Cedric Says:

    Yeaaaaaaa…The whole “emo-indie backpacker” rap nerd thing is finally DONE!!!

    No surprise here.

    If you look at how many 90’s rap FAILs were dropping projects on these underfunded, understaffed vanity indie-labels it was becoming waaaaay over-crowded. I mean dudes in their mid to late 30s dropping debuts is just WRONG!

    If your 35+ and still doing promo shows looking for a deal take a clue from Def Jux…ITs OVER!!!

  14. Cedric Says:

    Oh yeah, this confirms:

    12″ Singles = FAIL!

  15. Dave Says:

    “Yeaaaaaaa…The whole “emo-indie backpacker” rap nerd thing is finally DONE!!!”

    Somebody hasn’t been paying attention to what’s happening in hip hop, oh…now.

  16. rex hussla Says:

    Def Jux made some real good music though…this shit kinda sucks. I bought a lot of vinyl from these cats.

  17. Cheyne Says:

    I must have missed the part in the article that said they were folding. Just looks like they’re evolving. Don’t chalk ’em up to the game just yet. You can’t really say that his label was a “fail.” They’ve been doing for a decade now can’t wait for El-P’s next album. ‘I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead’ was great. Dark, brash and chaotic. It was like a soundtrack to the ending of the world. =] They’re whole roster is pretty epic. Aes, Lif, Cage, Camu (r.i.p.) and Despot.

  18. Nah Right » Camu Tao – Plot A Little Says:

    […] Jux and Fat Possum Records put out Camu Tao’s King Of Hearts album, marking what is possibly the final release on the indie label for the foreseeable future. Below is a track off the late […]

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