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Chamillionaire Releases Major Pain


Also announces nationwide tour with Paul Wall. Releasing Major Pain is a promise he fulfilled to his fans after having his third solo album Venom plagued with push-backs for over a year:

“If you happen to take a trip to New York, and you happen to bump into anybody, anybody in Manhattan that’s walking out of the Universal building — you know, anybody that you see in a suit and a funny looking bow tie, you deliver this message, you tell them this, February 2 here comes the pain, they don’t push us back” Chamillionaire stated in a December YouTube video after the latest push back.

The tour with Paul Wall will kick off on March 17 in their home state of Texas at the South by South West (SxSW) music festival with special guests and will continue on to 15 other cities, plus there remains some to be confirmed.

More info at KeepItTrill, who has the full press release. Hit the jump for Major Pain‘s track list as well as where you can purchase it.

01. Warn You
02. Price of Failure
03. Ima Rep Texas
04 Feels good
05. I’m Reloaded
06. All Black
07. Pursuit of Cream
08. Forgive you
09. Leanin’
10. No complaints
11. I’m Focused
12. Houston up High
13. Sittin on Chrome
14. Everybody Hates Snitch
15. Traingle Formation
16. Koopa Don’t Care
17. Salute Your General
18. Story to Tell

Major Pain dropped yesterday on Chamillionaire.com

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11 Responses to “Chamillionaire Releases Major Pain

  1. Harlem World Says:

    And i got yo baby momma she juz ate my penis

  2. Ghost Writer Says:

    Dope for Chamillionaire

  3. D_Block_4_Life Says:

    I might hate this nigga more than i do Gucci.

  4. Ghost Writer Says:

    yo H World you like that mixtape?

  5. a tribe called quest Says:

    # Beezy Says:
    February 3rd, 2010 at 10:34 am

    damn that Max track just broke my heart

    the rap game needs him

    –that joint is on repeat

  6. Troyvul Says:

    im afraid that is possible you know
    jail aint no joke

    which is why we need to free max b
    Donate to Yele Max

  7. Joe 88 Says:

    D_Block_4_Life Says:
    February 3rd, 2010 at 10:43 am
    I might hate this nigga more than i do Gucci.

    ^lol. cham is nice, but for some reason, I don’t wanna listen to him. “Ridin dirty” is still one of the best singles from last decade tho

    *straight face*

  8. a tribe called quest Says:

    fuck! uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  9. parod Says:

    Paul wall >>>

  10. Dashing Says:

    Like Damon Wayans.

    Low Down Dirty even, like his brother Keenan.

  11. TheMysteryMask Says:

    Chamillitary Mayne!! Im dyin to listen to Major Pain COME ON UPS :@

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